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Sewing Gifts For The Sewing Beginner

November 12, 2016Eve Tokens

Sewing gift ideas for the sewing beginner - Online sewing courses - The Creative Curator

Sewing gifts. We all need them – ideas for sewing gifts. Throughout the year there are quite a few moments when a gift is needed. Christmas gifts, thanksgiving gifts, birthday gifts. It seems we need to think about gift giving more often than we don’t!

So this post is for all the mums, the dads, the brothers and sisters, the husbands and boyfriends, the wives and girlfriends. The friends, the cousins, even the neighbor next door…

Someone in your life is eager to start sewing. Eager to start sewing their own clothes. Eager to start sewing clothes for YOU. And that same person is thinking “if only I knew where to start!” They are confused! The internet is filled with far too much information to sift through. There are too many people, all telling your favourite sewing person something different, and your person is CONFUSED!

Well, you can help them on their way with my ideas for sewing gifts! 🙂

Sewing Gifts: Tools

You can go the traditional route and get your sewing beginner a sewing machine, or a collection of sewing tools. There are so many tools out there, and it can be hard to know what to go for. Imagine how your sewing beginner person feels looking at all the options! Yikes!

If you are like me, and aren’t really down with the commercial and materialistic nature of all the holidays, and want to avoid buying physical objects, I got your back!

Sewing Gifts: Skills Over Possessions

While there are a gazillion ideas for sewing gifts for the sewing beginner that I could throw your way, I’m going to go a different route today.

You see, we all have far too many things that we possess. We have TVs, phones and computers. Gadgets galore right? We’ve had those once in a lifetime holidays and those ‘experience’ days too. And we all have far too much crap, stashed away in closets and wardrobes, sheds and garages, gathering dust and waiting for a time when they can be regifted or thrown out.

What if this year, you could give someone the gift of learning a new skill?

What Skills Would a Sewing Beginner Need?

When someone wants to learn how to make their own clothes, or even design a fashion collection in order to apply to a fashion college, there are some essential skills that person will need.

They need to know:

  1. How to use a sewing machine, and hand finishing sewing skills too
  2. Which fabrics are best for different projects
  3. When to use different seams so that their creations are made with strength and longevity in mind
  4. Why their fabrics should be stabilised and interfaced
  5. What facing and hem finish to use to ensure their projects are beautiful finished
  6. Where design details should be included in their design

How Do You Know What Skills They Need?

They can be a tricky bunch those sewing beginners. And the more advanced ones too! They won’t always tell you that they need some help getting their sewing skills on track. If you are struggling to know what kind of gift you should get for the sewing person in your life (or maybe YOU are the sewing person and want your significant other to get on the right track with gift ideas) there are several ways to figure it out:

  1. Does your person have a sewing machine?
  2. How often do they get their machine out? Think about the last time you saw them do so!
  3. Does your person ever say something like ‘I wish I could sew my own clothes, nothing ever fits properly in the store’ or ‘I wish I knew how to sew, I could have so much fun getting creative’…
  4. Maybe they sew quite a bit, but you often hear them sighing and grunting? Add them next time what the problem is – this is super helpful in figuring out where they’re at in their sewing journey.
  5. Check the secret fabric stash. Is it growing each month but nothing yet is being made? Your person is excited to learn how to sew, but terrified of getting started.

The best way though is to just ask them straight out:

Would you like to learn how to sew your own clothes?


You’ll be surprised by how often the answer is

Yes, but…

New Year, New Skill

Well, I think we need to do something about it. So, launching just in time for Christmas, my Snazzy Sewing online courses are perfect online sewing courses for sewing beginners and those more advanced at sewing too, to learn a new skill for the new year!

Snazzy Sewing 1 – Online Sewing Course for Absolute Beginners

In the first Snazzy Sewing course, your favourite sewing person will learn how to use their machine, different fabrics and their uses, how to mark and cut fabric for the projects, the essential seams to perfect and even where to use them.

There will also be a free pattern included to get them off to a head start, with a project that is easy to achieve in a couple of hours. After all, could there be anything better than seeing your own favourite sewing person in something they made for themselves?

The course is made up of five modules, all of which are video trainings, available for life at one secure location.

I also provide downloadable and printable PDF sewing guides, audio MP3 files and printable checklists too, so your favourite sewing person can follow the process in any way that suits them best, so that they can learn wherever, and whenever.

If your sewing person is a complete sewing beginner but desperate to get started, Course 1 is perfect for them:

  • Understanding your machine
  • The different machine stitches
  • Understanding your fabric
  • Marking out and cutting fabric
  • Basic sewing seams and their uses
    • open seam
    • french seam
    • welt seam
    • flat fell seam
    • lapped seam

Snazzy Sewing 2 – Online Sewing Course For The More Experienced

If your favourite sewing person is a bit more experienced, Snazzy Sewing 2 could be the perfect fit. Check out the modules:

  • Stay stitching and stabilising fabrics – why, when and how
  • Darts, pleats tucks and gathers – how they work to suppress fabric and enhance the silhouette.
  • Pockets, pleats and collars too – other design details to consider
  • Facings, bindings and hemlines – for a tidy finish
  • Fastenings – zippers and buttons, and buckles too – lets close the deal!

Available in 2017: Snazzy Sewing 3 – Individual Garment Construction Courses

Perfect for when your person has mastered sewing like a pro and wants some awesome step by step guidance on garment construction!

  • How to sew a skirt
  • How to sew a shirt (sleeves type 1)
  • How to sew a top
  • How to sew a dress
  • How to sew trousers
  • How to sew a jacket (sleeves type 2)

Getting On The Waitlist For The Snazzy Sewing Courses

CLICK for the free roadmap to sewing like a pro! - Online Sewing Courses for the Sewing Beginner - The Creative Curator


The courses will all be priced individually so that you only need to buy the course that is right for your person! The course start date is 25th December – so your person can get started right away if they want to! – and the early bird pricing for those on the waiting list will disappear on the 23rd December. After that it’ll never be as low again.

If you are excited and want to know more, sign up using the form below! I’m excited to welcome you – or your sewing person – to the fashion creation gang!

Til next time..

RECOMMENDED READING: If you – or your sewing person – aren’t sure where to start when it comes to sewing, be sure to check out my sewing basics posts. There’s this post covering the history of sewing, there is this post which is part one in a series explaining how fashion works, and finally check out this post which gives a detailed overview of sewing seams, and essential new skill for every sewing beginner!


Snazzy Sewing Roadmap


Do you want to sew your own clothes? Do you have no idea where to start? Grab my Snazzy Sewing Roadmap here and learn to sew like a pro!

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