This Sewing Planner Will Change Your Sewing Life!

Do you struggle to find time to sew in your day to day life? Click to learn about the sewing planner I designed for you to include more sewing and pattern making into your daily life, so that your sewing projects get done! - It's available as a printable sewing planner or a printed sewing planner! Click for more details! #sewing #sewingplanner

Sewing Planner – You’re Sew On It

If you have any of the sewing planners I have created – either the printable sewing year planner, the seasonal sewing planners or the ready printed planners from Amazon – do check out the video below to see just how it was designed to be used as a planner that fits into YOUR life! It isn’t your typical sewing planner – I designed and created it so that sewing and pattern making projects are planned around your personal life, and you don’t feel like you’re struggling to make time for yourself.

It uses a ‘sprint system’ which is used for project management, and this video will explain how to implement it so that it makes sense. And if for some reason, you have a couple weeks that you can’t do anything – that’s totally cool too!

This planner is about putting a system in place that works for you so that you can keep moving forward with your sewing projects! 🙂

Drop any questions in the comments below – and thanks for watching! 🙂

I mentioned several versions of the sewing planner in the video and the links to those are further down, in case you need to grab your copy! I’ve also linked the sewing patterns you see in the video under ‘inspiration’ pages in the video! 🙂

*One final thing. Items on this page may be affiliate links. If you click through those links and purchase, it won’t cost you anything more, but it may help me add to my fabric stash / business income. I only ever recommend products that I know, love and trust, so that you can have faith in them too.*


The One Year Printable Sewing Planner


Click the image below, or here, to download and print at home. This is an updated version of the printable sewing planner that I demo in the video! It is over 200 pages but you can of course be selective about which pages you choose to print! 🙂

The 2019 printable sewing planner - The Creative Curator

The Physical One Year Sewing Planner

I also have a physical version of the planner, which is available around the world from Amazon.

Clicking the image below will take you to your local Amazon so that you can order the planner directly. Boom Shackalacka!


Sewing Patterns Mentioned

This is the Karri Dress from Megan Nielsen Patterns.

This one is the Saporro Coat from Papercut Patterns. (This coat is part of my 2018 Make 9! Stay tuned to see it when it’s finished!)

This one is the Carly Aviator sewing pattern from Style Arc.

Seasonal Sewing Planners

Some of my fashion creation peeps have asked about a seasonal sewing planner, so that they can use it to plan out their seasonal wardrobes! I thought it was a brilliant idea, so have now created seasonal planners that cover just 13 weeks of the year.

I then went a step further and created them in two versions: one for people in the Northern Hemisphere who have summer during June, July and August and the second versions are for my Southern Hemisphere peeps, who’s summer would be January, February and March.

Please do make sure you buy the right version for where you’re living, as they are dated!

Printable Seasonal Sewing Planners

You may have already noticed on the right hand sidebar the sewing planners? Those are my digital versions. The top is Northern Hemisphere and the bottom is for Southern Hemisphere peeps.

Northern Hemisphere Fall / Autumn Sewing Planner

Northern Hemisphere - Fall Sewing Planner

Southern Hemisphere Spring Sewing Planner

Southern Hemisphere - Fall Sewing Planner

When you buy a particular printable seasonal planner, you get lifetime updates for that planner. So, next year when I Upload the 2019 version, it’ll be sitting in your account ready to download and print.

There are 72 pages to print (though you may not want so many project pages as I need?) and you’ll want to check the box in your print settings that says ‘scale to fit’!

For you Northern Hemisphere peeps, click here to learn more about Fall / Autumn planner and for you Southern Hemisphere peeps, you’ll want to click here! (These links will open in new pages for you!)

Physical Seasonal Sewing Planners

Seasonal sewing planners on Amazon

Now, being that not everyone has access to a printer – I didn’t for the first four months here in Anglesey! – I also created small 6×9 inch colour versions for Amazon. Again, as there are four per year and two hemispheres, make sure you’re ordering the right one!

These do cost more I’m afraid – colour printing isn’t cheap – but they do look fab! And they’re small enough to pop into your bag and take out and about with you – a REAL planner for the sewing lover!

You can check out the different versions of these seasonal sewing planners – and FYI: they make fabulous Christmas gifts!

Sewing Planners – Are They Worth The Money?

I believe that planners, either the ones you buy ready printed or pdf / printable sewing planners are great for helping us find time for what we love – sewing! I know I get waaaaaay more sewing and pattern making done, if I’ve blocked out time to do it, because, I’ve made it a priority for me. It my ‘scheduled’ me time. So yeah. I think having a sewing planner around you at all times of the year is totally worth which is why I incorporated sewing plans into an actual year planner. Boom shackalacka!

Let me know in the comments below whether:

  1. You have or have used a sewing planner (it doesn’t have to be mine!)
  2. What aspect of the sewing planner you loved?
  3. What aspect you hated!

I’m going to be adding a couple new pages to the planner in the spring – yep, I scheduled that into my planner! 😉 – and if there’s something missing you feel should be there, let me know!

Til next time…

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Comments (2)


    March 5, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    What sizes are the forms/binders – I am looking for 8 1/2 x 11 “. And does the binder have 3 rings so I can add more – your forms or my forms and/or notes.i have been looking for a sewing planner for years and I feel blessed that I found you on You Tube. Please forgive me if the sizes are in plain view. Thanks so much for what you do!


    1. Eve Tokens

      March 6, 2018 at 10:06 am

      Hi Linda! The version on Amazon is more like a soft back book and is 20.3 x 1.3 x 25.4 cm. I think that works out to be 8 x 10″, so slightly smaller than your 8.5 x11. I do find that it is smaller than A4/Letter size so can be carried around in my bag easily enough. This version on Etsy is printed at home on A4 or letter paper, and you can hole punch it to suit your needs.
      I’m also working on a seasonal sewing planner that will be smaller, with more focus on creating clothes for the season. 🙂

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