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Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern: Meet Clio!

July 18, 2018Eve Tokens

I have always loved fanny packs. Maybe it was growing up as a teen in the 90s, but there’s something about using a Fanny pack (aka Bumbag for non US peeps!) that makes me happy! So, it made sense that my first pattern release would be a fanny pack sewing pattern!

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern from The Creative Curator

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern

The fanny pack sewing pattern is named after one of my closest friends – Clio. She is a very sporty person, often with a water pouch or running pack with her, which is what inspired me to create this fanny pack sewing pattern!

I have wandered around Anglesey many times on foot these past five months, often carrying a huge backpack because I needed water with me but didn’t want to walk carrying a water bootle in my hand. It just doesn’t make for fun walking trips right? This fanny pack sewing pattern has been my saviour since creating it, allowing me to have the essentials with me, without a vast pack.

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern from The Creative Curator

Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern Basics

The basic requirements for this fanny pack sewing pattern are:

  1. 0.35m of fabric (if 140cm wide)
  2. 2 O- or D-rings
  3. Three buttons
  4. A toggle.

That’s all. Truly!

A Sustainable Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern?

In fact, this fanny pack sewing pattern is also designed with sustainability in mind. When we throw out clothes or bags we either send them to the charity shop / thrift store, or they end up in landfill. And who ever thinks about taking the zipper out? The time it takes to unpick it… people just don’t seem to have time for that.

And as zippers are typically made of plastic or metal. They’ll take forever to decompose, and I’m not down with that.

So, to make it more sustainable / eco-friendly, I opted to make the three pockets in this fanny pack sewing pattern overlap pockets, with simple button and loop closures. After all, buttons are so much easy to chop off before throwing something out, right?

Construction Guide

The Clio sewing pattern comes with a high res construction guide, with both detailed photos and hand drawn illustrations to help you make her up. And if you need further help, I’ve started a Facebook group where you can get support from me.

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern from The Creative Curator

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern from The Creative Curator

Clio: The Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern from The Creative Curator

Buy The Clio Sewing Pattern

The Clio Fanny Pack Sewing pattern costs £7 (plus VAT if in the EU) and makes a fab pattern for summer wanderings or even hand made gifts as we get ready for holiday season. You could use old denim jeans to make a refashioned version, use up fabric remnants to create a unique patchwork version or go all out with a crazy print fabric to add some extra pizzazz to you outfits!

Grab your Clio sewing pattern below!


Comments (2)

  • JoAnn Schmidt

    July 18, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    Eve, This is just what I need. I am currently cutting up my husband’s old jeans to make pillows for my sisters and brothers. I am using my father’s old silk ties on one side outlined with the jean strips. The other is a quilt square that my Great-Grandmother made surrounded by my Mother’s tapestry material. I can use the rest of the jeans for some Clio’s. I still have to get back to my homework and finish lesson 2. Why I am so skittish on making something for me, I don’t know.

    1. Eve Tokens

      July 19, 2018 at 11:01 am

      Oooh, those sound like some fun projects JoAnn! The great thing about Clio is it makes great gifts too! I’m pondering some really funky versions for my two nieces for Christmas! 🙂 Let me know if there’s something about lesson 2 that doesn’t make sense, I’m always here to help if you need it!

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