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Pattern Reviews from Eve Tokens, The Creative Curator

Hey you, how are you doing? I’m Eve Tokens, creator of The Creative Curator, sewist, fashion designer and creative pattern cutter.

I have been sewing since 1988, pattern making since 2002 and ended up earning a 2:1 in Fashion from UCA Epsom several years later. I have worked as both an intern and a paid freelancer for fashion studios in the UK (Peter Pilotto, Charlotte Hockin, Roland Mouret, Hardy Amies) before starting my own fashion brand.

That brand – named after my grandparents – used more sustainable methods of fashion design. My fashion collections were shown at Graduate Fashion Week, Brighton Fashion Week and annual shows that I organised whilst resident at Wimbledon Art Studios in London.

More importantly though, I’m here to help YOU make your own beautiful clothes, by teaching you how to sew more professionally, draft your own patterns and be more creative with your design and textile techniques.

Sustainable Fashion

I’m a strong believer in sustainable fashion, and as such, take time to create clothes for myself and others that are more sustainable than what can be bought from high street brands.

Whether I am up cycling some old curtains into new trousers or developing zero waste pattern ideas for others, being more considered and sustainable when creating garments is a large part of who I am.

Handmade vs Homemade

Wanting to sew clothes that they love and feel confident wearing is how many of my readers find me. I am here to teach you how to sew, how to draft sewing patterns and how to do this with a handmade not ‘homemade’ feel.

I’m really excited that you’ve landed here when looking for answers to your sewing or pattern making questions.

Whether your struggle is with sewing, pattern making, textiles or fashion design, I aim to provide the answers to the questions you have!

My Favourite Tutorials For Making Your Own Clothes

I have around 200 tutorials and guides published so far which can make it tricky to find what you’re looking for! I do have a search bar that you can use if you’re looking for something specific – but I’ve also added my favourite 12 tutorials and guides below, perfect for anyone learning to make your own clothes! Enjoy!

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