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50 Gifts For Sewers

December 19, 2018Eve Tokens

Are you looking for some gifts for sewers? It’s that time of year when you may be sitting and staring at your Christmas gift list wondering what on earth you can get for the sewers in your life. It can be overwhelming for the non-sewing person to know what to buy as a sewing gift.

This list of 50 gifts for sewers will help! 🙂

Christmas list of 50 sewing gift ideas

Sewing Mug Gifts For Sewers

I have never met anyone that didn’t need a mug for some sort of hot beverage. While many of use don’t like tea (yuck!) there are many more who don’t drink coffee. 

This selection of coffee mugs and tea cups are created especially for those who sew, and make wonderful gifts for sewers.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase at no further cost to you.

1. “I Have Enough Fabric”

…said no crafter ever!

I mean, how brilliant is that for a sewing mug? It’s so true to life for many crafters that I suspect every sewing person should own one! 😉

2. “May Your Bobbin And Mug Always Be Full”

I love this mug, mostly as I am always so disappointed when the bobbin and coffee run out! 

That said, this is a sewing mug that could be filled with tea, coffee or hot chocolate on those chilly winter months!

3. “My Brain Is 90% Sewing”

It’s a real shame that the greater part of the brain is fabric and not patterns – ‘cos those really are my weakness! 

This would still be a great sewing gift for any sewing lover though, whether someone who sews clothes or those who like sewing quilts!

4. “Sewciopath”

Ha ha, how funny is this sewciopath sewing mug

The simple black sewing machine illustration is a cute addition to the word sewciopath!

5. “Sewing Weekend Forecast”

I wish I had the option of making weekend forecasts that involve nothing but sewing. 

Perhaps this is the sewing mug I should buy for myself and leave lying around for the other half to spot? 😉 

6. “I Flippin’ Love Sewing”

Find me a sewing person who doesn’t say ‘I flipping’ love sewing…’ 

And yet, sometimes we struggle to find time to sew. Thankfully, I have a few ideas on that further down this list, but I reckon by buying this mug and using it daily, we’d be able to find more time for sewing… right?

7. “The Ultimate Power Tool…”

Is this the best ‘power tool’ mug ever created? Yes, I think so!

My ‘Power Tool’ of choice is a Bernina, which looks nothing like the image used in this sewing mug, but I still wouldn’t say no to it! 

8. “More Stitching, Less Bitching”

Imagine. If we made more time for stitching, there really would be less time for bitchin’, whether about life or anything else. And that can only lead to happier stitchers surely? 😉 

Sewing Planner Gifts For Sewers

When it comes to finding time to sew, a lot of sewers struggle. Life and work often get in the way. For that reason, a sewing planner can be a sewing essential, and here are two that are fab.

9. 2019 Printable Sewing Planner

This 2019 printable sewing planner is a fantastic sewing gift. As it is digital, you can print it at home or at a copy shop, and have it bound, or pop it into an A4 or US letter sized ring binder. 

10. Printed Makers Workbook

This is a lovely simple planner, that works for planning out sewing projects simply, but does not incorporate areas for your day to day life.

Wine Glasses As Gifts For Sewers

We’ve had the mugs, now it’s time for the glasses. Here are the three top glasses for sewing peeps that like to drink something other than tea of coffee!

11. Wine And Sewing, That’s All You Need

True that. Well, and coffee. But for now, this wine glass will do, for keeping us sewing peeps hydrated whilst we sew. Nom. 😉

12. Sewciopath Wine Glass

Much like the sewciopath coffee mug further above, I think this is a brilliant and apt gift for sewers!

13. Life Is Too Short For Boring Clothes

This fab glass is great not just for sewers, but anyone that loves fashion! It is a sandblasted design on the glass, so it is permanent and won’t rub off. 

Pin Cushions – Essential Sewing Gifts For Sewers!

I’ve got 7 pin cushions for your here, and a sewing magnet. That’s EIGHT options to protect your feet when you step into the sewing room of your favourite sewing person – isn’t that a great gift for sewers that works for you too? 😉

14. Pin Cushion Owl

Twit-twoo. I actually have an owl pin cushion made by my neighbour back home. It’s great at holding those pins secure!

15. Felted Cactus Pin Cushion

This is slightly different for a pin cushion, as it is felted! I’m not sure how I feel about it, as I don’t ‘do’ felt (feels weird to me) but I love how real the cactus look!

16. Please Enter Your Pin

Sometimes short and sweet directions are the best. More so when it’s a great play on words. Please enter your pin. 🙂

17. Liberty Print Mouse Pin Cushion

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Liberty London print fabric? This mouse is super cute in Liberty print!

18. Teapot Pin Cushion (For Tea Lovers)

This is the perfect pin cushion for tea loving sewers! It’s adorable, and saves feet from pins too!

19. Kitty Cats Pin Cushion (And Thread Catcher!)

Not just a pin cushion, but a thread catcher too! No more stray threads being smushed into the carpet!

20. Personalised Letter Pin Cushion

If you fancy giving something a little more personalised as a sewing gift to your sewing lover, this pin cushion can be personalised with their initial. Mine’ll be an ‘E’ then! 😉

21. Pin Magnet Pot

Not quite a pin cushion, but it does work to gather those pins up and stop them from harming your poor feet as you sneak across the sewing room floor.

Sewing Tote Bag Gifts For Sewers

We all know that when it comes to fabric, we sewers can never have enough. That’s why we need so many sewing tote bags too, to help us carry all that new fabric home safely! 😉

22. A Lady Never Discusses The Size Of Her Fabric Stash

Whether your reading this as a sewer looking for some sneaky gifts for yourself, or as someone who has sewing peeps in your life and you need ideas for gifts for sewers, one thing is certain – the fabric stash is bigger than you can ever imagine! 

Which is why this tote bag is just perfect!

23. Witches’ Sewing Coven Tote

I’m a witch – or so my parents have said for years! So this tote bag really appeals to me!

24. Sew What?

Exactly. We sometimes need heavy duty bags for our fabric stash. Sew what?

25. Happiness Is A Full Bobbin

Or for me, many full bobbins lined up in a row, ready for when my sewing mojo hits. How do you feel about a full bobbin?

26. Shut Up, I’m Sewing

Ha ha ha. How fabulous is this sewing tote bag? Shut up, I’m sewing! 😉

27. Personalised Sewing Bag

This tote bag is a great personalised option for sewing lovers! Just add the name of the recipient to your order when you place it. Perfect!

28. Sewing Machine Bag 

The last of the sewing tote bags is this one with an illustration of a vintage sewing machine. Cute right?

Sewing Pins And Badge Gifts For Sewers

These enamel pins or badges have been lighting up my Instagram feed all year. 2018 has definitely been the year of the sewing pin! Here are nine fab options to give as a sewing gift.

29. Spool Of Thread

Simple and easy to wear, I love the colour combo of this hard enamel pin.

30. Seamstress Pin

This is the bestseller that everyone seems to have over on Instagram. I like pink, so it’s a winner for me!

31. Press To Impress Pin

This is my absolute favourite enamel pin, mostly because I am always saying to sewing beginners that pressing is the most important part of sewing your own clothes. 

32. Cut The Crap Scissors Pin

I’ve used this saying so much in my old life as a nanny, I should have had a wall poster of this too! 😉

33. Self Made Woman Pin

Yes to this! Perfect for every woman out there that sews! ‘Cos we’re all self made women!

34. Fabric Only, You’ve Been Warned

How many times have you gone to grab the scissors and realised they have that ‘fabric only’ tag on them? That’s why this pin is just perfect!

35. Sewing Machine Pin

Simple and colourful, this sewing machine pin would be great to add to a jacket or bag. 

36. It Has Pockets

Another favourite of mine, again from Pink Coat Club.

37. Pedal To The Metal

Simple colours on this pedal to the metal pin, makes it another winner for me.

Sewing Room Decor Gifts For Sewers

If your sewing person has a sewing room, they’ll be excited by sewing room decor for a gift! Here are 

38. Watercolour Sewing Art Prints

These sewing art prints are such beautiful colours, that they’re sure to work in sewing rooms of all colours!

39. Sewing Machine Watercolour Art Print

This is another beautiful watercolour art print – though again, it is digitised – but would make a great addition to any sewing room wall!

40. Sewing Alphabet Print

This is a fun print – a hand drawn and painted sewing alphabet! Definitely a winner for me!

41. Metal Sewing Room Sign

Is a sewing room complete with a sewing room sign? Me thinks not! This metal sewing room sign is custom made with your recipient’s name!

42. Personalised Wooden Sewing Room Sign

This wooden sewing room sign is made from pine, suitable for inside use only. And another one that can be personalised, making it a great gift option!

43. I Don’t Need Therapy Sewing Room Decor

How many of us actually sew for reasons other than clothes that don’t fit? I know that when I’m sewing, I’m in a different place, a space filled with calm and creativity. Definitely the right kind of therapy for many of us!

44. Wooden Sewing Machine Clock

How many times have you lost track of time? Whether you buy this clock for yourself or for your sewing person, this wooden sewing machine clock is the perfect gift for the sewing room. 

45. Sewing Machine Record Clock

Yeah, you read that right. This clock created from a vinyl record is a contemporary style clock for the sewing room. I love playing my old jazz records almost as much as I love sewing, so this is a winner for me!

The Final Five Gifts For Sewers!

We’re down to the final five gifts ideas for sewers. Phew. These are items made from fabric and I would happily hand over cash from my wallet for each. 🙂

46. When Life Gives You Scraps Tee

This should be my sewing room uniform for I am always making fabulous items from fabric scraps – and not quilts!

47. Sewing Mends The Soul Tee

This is a cute tee with the ‘Sewing mends the soul’ quote. I’d probably be inclined to sew the side seams a tad, so that it’s a bit more fitted on me. 

48. I Stitch Pretty Things Apron

Show me a sewing person that doesn’t love a sewing apron – especially one proclaiming to the world how fab and pretty their sewing projects turn out!

49. Personalised Small Sewing Pouch

I’m obsessed with small zippered pouches, and though I doubt there is a sewer who cannot make their own, this would still make a lovely sewing gift, if you’re short on ideas.

50. Maven Apron Sewing Pattern

I could have gone bonkers adding sewing patterns to this gifts for sewers list but it would have ended up running into the thousands of ideas instead of just 50. So, to round of the post, this is a nice printable sewing pattern for a sewing apron – suitable for all sewing levels.

Sewing Gifts for Sewers

There you have it. 50 sewing gifts for sewers, all sensibly priced and available from small independent sellers on Etsy.

I love to support small creative businesses, more so when it’s around the holiday season and those small business owners could use the extra business more than the big high street retailers!

What did you think of this epic list of gifts for sewers? Is there anything on there that you fancy? Will you be emailing this to a loved one so that they can make some fab sewing gift choices? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re looking for even more ideas, you can check out my post on the best five mending books for sewers!

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