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How To Sew The Side Seam Pocket Pattern

I’ve just added a free side seam pocket pattern to my shop, and thought I should show you how to sew the side seam pocket using it.

This is a great tutorial for you if you need to add an inseam pocket to the side seam of pants, a skirt or a jacket – so often on clothing there are no side seam pockets, and now you can add your own in!

To get started, grab the side seam pocket pattern from my free sewing patterns library. It’s completely free!

I also have a side seam video tutorial if you prefer to watch – it’s over on my main Youtube channel here.

How to sew a side seam pocket pattern!

Before we get started, I thought I’d let you know about the series of pocket tutorials I have created, in case there is a different type of pocket that you’d like to learn about and make:

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Where Should Side Seam Pockets Be Placed?

I like to place my side seam pockets approximately 10cm / 4″down from the waistline on a skirt or pair of pants, but this can differ depending on how long your arms are and how low you like your pockets to sit.

How Do You Sew A Side Seam Pocket?

The side seam pocket is one of the simpler pockets to construct, and can also be added to existing clothing in need of some pockets. There are five types of side seam pockets – more on those another time! – but how do you sew one?

Use the steps below, and you’ll have beautiful side seam pockets every time.

Step 1 – Print The Free Side Seam Pocket Pattern

Print it out – in the tutorial I’m using is printed at 60% scale which is a good size for small hands, but for adults, I suggest printing at 100% so that it has lots of room – then add your chosen seam allowance to the dashed line.

I’ve already added 1cm – that is the non-dashed line – but you can add more or less and then cut out the finished pattern piece.

Step 2 – Cut Out The Pocket Pieces

Start by printing the side seam pocket pattern out, and cutting two per pocket required.
Start by printing the side seam pocket pattern out, and cutting two per pocket required.

Once you have printed and cut out your pocket pattern, you can cut out your pocket pieces in the fabric of your choice.

For this tutorial, I am using two fat quarters in different colorways.

Step 3 – Side Seam Pocket Placement

Place the pocket pieces onto your main fabric as shown.

Next, place the pocket pieces on the fabric of as shown. Make sure that the pieces are right sides together and pin to secure in place.

I also recommend that you finish the raw edges of your pocket pieces beforehand, so that there is less risk of fraying. As this is a sample, I’ve omitted that step.

Step 4 – Sew The Pocket Pieces To Side Seams

Side seam pocket pieces are pressed to one side after sewing

Now sew and then press the front and back side seam pocket pieces to their respective side seams so that they look like the above photo.

Step 5 – Pin Pockets and Side Seams Together

Place the top pocket pieces on top of each other, right sides together.

Lay the top pocket piece on top of the lower pocket pieces, right sides together. Pin together, and pin the side seam sections that need to be sewn.

Step 6 – Sew Side Seams

Sew the side seam sections first

Sew from the top edge of fabric down to the point where your pocket is sewn onto the front and back pieces. Repeat from the lower pocket section to the side seam hem.

Your side seam pocket should now look like the photo below.

How the side seam should look when sewn

Step 7 – Sew The Pocket Bag

Press the side seams and sew the pocket bag

How sew from the top of the pocket, around the pocket perimeter and back into the side seam, connecting with your earlier stitch line.

Step 8 – Press The Pocket To Finish

Press the pocket and it's ready to wear!

Be sure to give your nice new side seam pocket a good press. Depending on how well you sewed it, you may or may not need to clip into the side seam slightly to ‘release’ the fabric. I’ve not needed to, so follow my steps and yours should be good too!

Here’s how my side seam pocket pattern turned out.

Peeking inside the side seam pocket

Isn’t the contrasting fabric colors lovely to look at? You can use the same fabric as your garment or contrasting fabric, the choice is yours!

The side seam pocket pattern is a good size for a rotary cutter and other sewing tools...

But the full sized version will most likely also fit your phone!

Placing my phone into the side seam pocket I made.

Remember that you can grab your free side seam pocket pattern from my free sewing patterns library.

And if you need a video tutorial to help, I have the full sewing process on my main YouTube channel right here!

Share it out to others!