Learn how to sew a machine button hole on a Bernina 1008 - a video tutorial! #sewing #bernina #sewingbeginners

How To Sew A Machine Button Hole

January 25, 2017Eve Tokens

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Button Holes – Using A Machine

Have you wondered how to sew a machine button hole? I wrote a post a few months back about buttons and button holes, but I completely skipped the part about SHOWING you how to make the button hole on your machine.

So today, a quick video tutorial on how to sew a machine button hole using a Bernina 1008 mechanical machine.

Learn how to sew a machine button hole on a Bernina 1008 - a video tutorial!

My Bernina – The mechanical 1008!

Machine Front - How To Use A Sewing Machine For Beginners - The Creative Curator

I have had this ole’Bernina for YEARS. It’s a second hand version, bought from a college which had done away with it’s fashion and textiles programme. *Insert sad face* It is a solid machine, but I have never bothered to get to grips with the button hole feature. Why? ‘Cos I have a man in London’s Berwick Street who does them well, and at a decent price too!

Yet, in the process of creating my Master Sewing Basics course – perfect for absolute beginners by the way – I realised that I would have to know how to sew a machine button hole on my own machine, in order to show others how the process worked. That way they’d be better able to get to grips with how THEIRS worked.

Master Sewing Basics

I am going to say – this video is the lesson included in my course. Why have I made it freely available? I couldn’t find any high res / close up videos on YouTube showing how to sew a machine button hole on a mechanical sewing machine. There are plenty out there for automatic or computerised machines, but not the Bernina 1008.

I figure there are plenty of sewing beginners who are starting out learning to sew their own clothes, and they’ll most likely have an entry level mechanical style machine. That being the case – this should help them out a treat! 🙂

How to Sew a Machine Button Hole

Here you go then… I hope it is as useful for you as it was fun for me to create!

Til next time…


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