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Pattern Making Basics: Learn To Draft Pattern Blocks!

June 10, 2017Eve Tokens

Pattern Making Basics

Who here struggles with the pattern making basics?

Hands up if you have read the books, followed YouTube videos, or even just tried figuring it out on your own?

And it’s a struggle right?

I get so many emails from my readers who say that they really want to be able to create clothes that fit but are struggling with just the pattern making basics.

And that just doesn’t seem fair right?

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Reasons For Learning Pattern Making Basics

You see, these readers of mine – probably not unlike you – have many reasons for learning pattern making basics.

Here are just some of the reasons…

“The lack of RTW clothing options is comical”


“Finding clothes that fit is really hard”


“I don’t like trying on clothes”


“I got fat, and clothes I like don’t fit me, or are hideously expensive”


And the best reason:

“To actually have something that fits perfectly!”


Pattern Making Basics Course

I decided that with so many women wanting to learn how to draft their own patterns that I would create a text based course which I made available for free for one year. In that time I had over 1600 students go through it , and have now moved it here, as part of my membership area on this website! Yay!

I’ve implemented a £5 fee to become a bronze PMB member and you get one lesson per day, so that you don’t get too overwhelmed!

You can join today by clicking here! Exciting! Check out the lesson plan below!

Lesson Plan For Pattern Making Basics

  1. Tools, Workspace and Mindset
  2. Accurate Measurements
  3. All About Ease
  4. Fabric Influence
  5. Design Principles
  6. Finishing Considerations
  7. Five Ways To Create Patterns
  8. Design Inspiration (+ Starting Block Selection)
  9. Drafting A Skirt Block
  10. Applying Fabric Supression
  11. Drafting A Basic Bodice
  12. Sewing Toiles
  13. Drafting A straight Sleeve Block
  14. Drafting A Basic Trouser Block
  15. Fixing The Fit


How Do You Sign Up For Pattern Making Basics?

Well, it’s super simple and easy to do… click this link to be taken to the membership area, and pay the £5 fee to join the Pattern Making Basics course. You can pay by PayPal or card. You’ll then receive the first lesson immediately in your membership area and each subsequent lesson will be available for the following 14 days! Woop woop!

Alright then… here’s that link you need to sign up to be a Pattern Making Basics member...

See you in the first lesson! Woop woop!

If you’re excited and want to get thinking about fit issues, why not check out this post?

Comments (3)

  • Nwaka Dorothy Okafo

    October 23, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Hey am nwaka. I live in Nigeria and I love sewing. I can only sew with patterns but in Nigeria you have learn how to work on the fabric and cut and sew immediately which is faster since you need more clients. How can I work straight from the fabric without making patterns always. Also how do I pay online from Nigeria for your courses.

    1. Eve Tokens

      October 26, 2018 at 9:46 am

      Hi Nwaka! Thanks for your comment! The great thing about creating a block for a client is that you can then use it again and again as a base pattern. This is something you cannot do if you work directly on the fabric. What I would recommend is draping a block instead. Use some nice solid weight calico, apply the straight grain to the centre front of your client, and then pin in place around her body to create the bodice front. Repeat for the back. Remove from the client’s body and trace onto pattern paper. Once it is all trued up, transfer to card, and use as your basic pattern. This can then be placed on fabric directly, knowing that it is a good fit for your client, that perhaps only requires minor changes for fit if her body changes. Hope this helps!
      IN terms of paying for courses. As they are part of my members area, I am only able to implement PayPal and debit/credit cards via Stripe. I’m aware that these do not currently work for many readers in Nigeria and am working to find a solution.
      Thanks for popping by Nwaka! Best, Eve

  • Alison Owen

    December 12, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Hi Eve
    I love sewing but don’t know how to correctly place fabric onto pattern pieces so that the garment hangs properly. Is this aspect covered in the course? Thanks.

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