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How To Assemble PDF Patterns

August 15, 2018Eve Tokens

Lets learn how to assemble PDF patterns. Because when it comes to digital sewing patterns, you need to be able to print them at home or at a printers, and you then need to know how to assemble PDF patterns.

I am a stickler for assembling PDF patterns a certain way. When I deviate, I find that the PDF sewing patterns I have printed and plan to use are actually not necessarily going to turn out well – mostly down to inaccurate cutting lines adding millimetres to each page.

Imagine how much that could add up to!

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Learn how to assemble PDF sewing patterns with this video tutorial. I show you how to join pdf sewing pattern pages - The Creative Curator

How To Assemble PDF Patterns

In order to help the sewing beginner – or even the more advanced sewer who hasn’t yet explored the world of PDF sewing patterns! – I have created this quick 6 minute video tutorial on how to assemble PDF patterns so that you can start out right.

If you want to follow along, you’ll need a glue stick, some paper scissors and a printed PDF sewing pattern – you can check this post on how to accurately print your PDF sewing pattern to scale!

Assembling The First Row Of A PDF Pattern

I always assemble PDF patterns row by row. Pattern designers vary in how they label their PDF sewing pattern pages, so do check their instructions too, to see just how they’ve laid out their pattern pages.

I start by assembling the top row first, usually row A.

Cutting Pattern Pages

Without fail, I always cut along the bottom and right edge of every sewing pattern page. This is to make sure that I don’t accidentally cut of two edges and have to then mash them together.

By cutting the bottom edge of every page, I know that when I assemble the row together, one row will always lay nicely upon the row below.

The same is true when cutting the right hand sides of pattern pages. This means I will always lay the left hand page upon the right hadn’t page when assembling my sewing pattern rows.

Gluing Pattern Pages

I always use a glue stick – in the UK we have Pritt Stick, which works a treat. Wherever you are in the world, there is sure to be a generic glue stick brand that will do the job. I never use tape.

I follow the same formula when gluing the sewing pattern pages together, gluing the lefthand side of a pattern page and laying the trimmed right hand side upon it.

Then the same when assembling the top row upon the lower row. Glue goes on the top of the page of the lower row, and the upper row is then laid upon it.

This will make more sense in the short 5 minute video tutorial below! 

Video Tutorial – How To Assemble PDF Patterns

Once you have all the pages assembled, you’re ready to either cut out your size or trace it off to modify the pattern.

I hope this was a super helpful tutorial. If anything doesn’t make sense, do let me know in the comments below!


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