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Refashioned Trousers: Banana Pants

March 7, 2018Eve Tokens

Learn how to make refashioned trousers. These striped banana pants are super comfy and fun to make! - The Creative Curator

In January, along with packing up my life in London, I worked on a refashioned trouser project for the Sewcialists blog.

Their theme for February was stripes, and as I needed another pair of my Banana Pants to test out, I opted to make them as a pair of refashioned trousers.

Now, this is the first time I’ve created a pair of refashioned trousers. I’ve done other refashioning projects, but never before have I refashioned trousers.

And it gets better…

I used two old pairs of chinos to do the refashion, along with one small piece of fabric from my stash!

Refashioned Trousers From.. Trousers

These are the two pairs of trousers I used.

Refashioned Trousers - Original Chinos Deconstructed

One is pale green colour, and the other is a rusty brown colour – though this photo has weird lighting for some reason. They worked really well together, but I did need a third colour, because each leg of the Banana Pants pattern had been spliced up into nine sections.

Back Leg Pattern Pieces


Banana Pant Origins

The first pair of banana pants came from this collection I created and showed at Brighton Fashion Week.

Banana Pants - Photo by Sarah Olivier
Photo by Sarah Olivier

You can see that the shape was quite curved around the hip / upper thigh area.

I then created this jumpsuit, but spliced up the trouser section. Made in a  soft organic cotton, the fabric draped a lot more and the curving hip / upper thigh section isn’t as noticeable.

Banana Pants Jumpsuit - Brighton Fashion Week - GWEN&SYD - Eve Tokens - photo by Sarah Olivier
Photo by Sarah Olivier

Refashioned Trousers: Making Changes To The Pattern

After looking at both photos and considering the banana pant pairs I had already made previously, I decided I would even out the curve. Rather than take the curve out of the pattern though, I actually added to the pattern from the waistline down to the hip.

This worked really well for the refashioned trousers as I really wanted to incorporate the original front pockets of the green pair, which were in great condition still.

Refashioned Trousers - Front Leg Banana Pant pattern

I didn’t change anything else on the original pattern, as the fit is great for me. I do what to play around with the lower leg section, as I feel that some people might not like how the fabric drags on the inside of each leg when the banana pants are worn – for me, I’m ok with it as I love the style.

Making The Refashioned Trousers

Refashioned Trousers - The Constructed Stripes

Now, I’m not actually going to write about the process of making the refashioned trousers here. I pieced a lot of fabric together for the refashioned trousers and I covered the process in full over on the Sewcialists’ blog. I’d love for you to pop over there and show some love – click here to do so in a new window! 😉

Future Refashioned Trousers

This pair of refashioned banana pants has been worn a LOT since they were completed in late January. They have swiftly become my favourite make and I wear them constantly. Even to the beach on a wet and windy day!

Banana Pants on Stunning Sandy Beach

I have plans to make more refashioned trousers in the future. However with most of my life put into storage, I am currently working from limited supplies.

That said, I hear that Holyhead had many charity shops so I will go bargain hunting / thrifting over the coming weeks to see what else I may find that can be refashioned into some new and fabulous refashioned trousers!

If you love a bit of sustainable fashion, check out this post about the important considerations for sustainable fashion creation and then there is this post explaining why zero waste fashion is so important. After all, our refashioning projects certainly help with the whole sustainability aspect when it comes to fashion right?

How do you feel about my refashioned trousers? Do they make the grade for you or do you think they’re ghastly? What refashioning projects have you tried and seen success / disappointment with? Let me know in the comments below!

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