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Learn To Sew: Free Sewing Course For Beginners

December 12, 2018Eve Tokens

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Learn To Sew: A Free Sewing Course For Beginners!

Are you someone who longs to learn to sew, but has no idea where to start? Perhaps you’d like to sew things for the home, or learn to sew clothes for yourself?

Learning sewing isn’t as hard as you might think, and this learn to sew series will teach you absolutely everything there is to know about learning to sew.

This is a free sewing course for beginners, designed to help you go from sewing beginner to an intermediate sewer that can confidently sew your own clothes.

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Learn To Sew: The Free Sewing Course

Yes, you read that right. This is a free sewing course that I have created to bust away the myths surrounding learning sewing and to give you the confidence to sew your own clothes. We’ll be covering a lot in this online sewing course, from a little sewing history to different sewing techniques.

I’ll include a guide at the bottom of this page linking to all the sewing lessons as they become available, so that you can more easily find the sewing technique you’re looking for.

It will be a slow process creating all the lessons, as I intend for this to be the most thorough and comprehensive sewing course for anyone wanting to learn to sew online. Not everyone can attend classes in person, but most people are able to hop online to learn to sew, and this online sewing course will teach those people everything they need to know.

First, let’s go through some frequently asked questions about sewing!

Learning To Sew FAQs

When it comes to learning to sew, you probably have a lot of questions. Although this learn to sew course will be comprehensive and answer all the questions that might arise, I thought we should start with a little overview of possible questions you might have at the start of your sewing journey.

How Do I Start Learning To Sew?

If you’re only just learning to sew, and have never sewn a stitch before, by machine or hand, you’re in the right place. Work your way slowly through this learn to sew online course, and you’ll end up being able to sew anything. Well, maybe not leather bags, because they can be rather bulky and tricky, but anything else is yours for the taking!

Remember that sewing is a technical skill, and needs practise. I’ve never met anyone that could just sew. Everyone sewing makes mistakes along the way, and that is the best thing, because we all learn more from mistakes than getting it right first time.

What Supplies Does A Beginner Sewer Need?

Wondering what you need in a sewing kit? Worry not! In one of the very first learn to sew lessons, we’ll cover what should be in a beginner sewing kit, and later on in the more intermediate and advanced lessons, they will be info on what I think is the very best sewing kit you can have.

I’ll provide a comprehensive list of tools and supplies for learning to sew, and you’ll be set!

Is It Hard To Learn To Sew With A Machine?

No. It can be scary the first time, if you’re not used to using a treadle. People who have never driven a car often find it a little more alarming than those who have, but learning to sew with a sewing machine is fun, once you get over that initial fear. Promise!

I’ll be teaching you different techniques using the sewing machine, and you’ll be mazed by how easy and quick it is to learn sewing on a sewing machine!

What Is The Best Sewing Machine For A Beginner?

Ah, this is a tricky one to answer. I firmly believe in working with whatever sewing machine is available to you when you’re just starting out, whether that’s a beaten up machine you’ve inherited from a family member or friend, or a base model you found at a charity shop / thrift store.

The one thing I will say – make sure that the sewing machine you opt for when learning to sew is not covered in bells and whistles. That can make it all very overwhelming, not knowing which button does what…

What Do You Need To Make Clothes?

If you want to learn to sew in order to sew clothes, you are in the best place. While the sewing techniques I teach here will apply to any sewing projects, I am a fashion designer and creative pattern cutter so teaching techniques for making your own clothes is what I’m really about.

You’ll want to hop to the sewing essentials for beginners list as this will give you a list of all the sewing tools you’ll need along with some extras for sewing clothes.

Will I Learn To Sew By Hand?

Absolutely! To start with, we’ll cover beginner sewing techniques using a sewing machine, but later on you will learn how to sew by hand too!

We’ll cover a range of hand sewn stitches but also hand finishing techniques as well.

What’s Next In The Learn To Sew Course?

The next lesson will be an introduction to sewing. We’ll have a small glimpse at the history of sewing, and it’s evolution to the way we sew today.

This lesson will be followed by one on sewing items that you’ll need, so that you can have a basic sewing kit for beginners at your side. I’ll cover all the sewing tools that will make your life easier, and we’ll glance at the gimmicky sewing items that you may be tempted by, but that really are unnecessary.

If you’d like to be notified every time a new sewing lesson in the Learn To Sew series goes live, you can sign up using the form below!

Learn To Sew!

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