Why Should We Be Creative?

May 19, 2016Eve Tokens

Why Be Creative - The Creative Curator - Eve Tokens

Why be Creative?

Do you ever feel bored. Struggle to feel challenged. A little lost even. Have no time for creative ideas. Where your life has become a cycle of one day following the previous, with no discernible difference in between?

It is incredibly hard to not feel despair, frustration and boredom. Is this what we’re here for? To plod along, working, raising a family, feeling neglected and under appreciated? Were we not, as individuals, meant for something bigger? To do something more exciting or a bit more interesting with our lives before we die?

And please, I mean no offence. I believe that having a family is a gift to be cherished, and having the security of an income is very important. Yet from my own life experience – full time employment from 1999 until 2008, full time education (again) 2008-2012 and then freelance creative work from 2012-2016 – I know what it is like to experience doing the same thing every day and feeling more than a little bit bored and tired with life.

Then by the time you’ve gotten home and thrown a quick meal into the oven to cook through while you shower and change into your comfies, you left with barely any time to veg out with a book or in front of the TV for half an hour before its time to crash out and start all over again the next day. It’s exhausting. And it leaves us feeling like there should be more to life.

There Must BE Something More To Life?

The question though, is how do you define the right more?

Being creative gives us all an outlet, a way to say ‘I can be who I want to be’. We can use creativity to enhance our day to day life AND our working life too, making us happier in ourselves and so healthier too.

Increasing time spent on our own creative ideas leads to more creative thinking. So, how do you know quite what it is you want?

One trick I use rather frequently is this: If I were to die tomorrow, how would I want to have spent today? I’m positive that a high percentage of answers to this question have a creative answer. Obviously the top answer is spending it with my family and my partner. But beyond that, what is it that would make you happy?

Take away the family, the lover, the friends, the need to pay the rent or mortgage, the bills that are due at the end of the week, the option to travel because you only found out about your imminent death today remember!?! What are you left with that you’d really love to do?

What Do You REALLY Love To Do?

Mine changes week to week, day to day. This morning I woke up and I wanted to spend the bank holiday on my laptop writing and researching. (Creative) Yep, I love researching and collating information, and I wrote three posts (including this one) ready for launch.

On Friday I woke up and really wanted to create a few garments for my sustainable fashion collection. So I spent the day in the studio draping fabrics, and developed three zero waste fashion looks. (Again, creative) Three weeks ago, I really wanted to know I’d have a holiday this year – its been 18 month’s – so I spent four hours researching – and then booking – flight options to Georgia and Armenia as I knew that was where the BF would like to go, while all I require is knowing we will be exploring.

I know we cannot do this every day – just be spontaneous and do what we would as though it were our last day on Earth – but even just thinking about what we WOULD do if we COULD do it, can give us great insight into what we should be including more of in our life.

What Would YOU Do More of?

Maybe you decide you’re sick of the throw-in-the-oven meals and you want to cook something awesome twice a week but you’re not quite sure about timings.

Or you’re really fed up with the rubbish that production companies show on the telly so you’re going to take a short course in writing for TV.

Or you’ve decided that the skirt you wear every day is lovely but completely the wrong colour for your skin tone, so you take a course on how to make your favourite garment from scratch – and then make it in five colours for every work day.

The options are endless, but just the act of considering what options you have, can make you feel as though you’re taking one teeny tiny step in the right direction. And that teeny tiny step? That’s all the courage you need to start.

So tell me. Whats the one thing you’d do tomorrow if you knew it was your last day? Tell me in the comments section below! 🙂

Til next week!

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