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Weaving Inspiration For Your Fashion Creations

I thought I’d write a little about weaving inspiration. You see, when it comes to creating our own fashion, we can take many different roads as a starting point.

  1. Create something that is a very simple design and use a very simple fabric. Great option for those who are sewing beginners and unsure of how to work with different fabrics.
  2. Use a complex design but a simple fabric, so that the detail is all in the construction. Great for those who like a minimal aesthetic and have some skills in sewing and pattern making.
  3. Work with a simple design in order to show of a complex fabric.
I love to try new weaving ideas, and this post has lots of suggestions for weaving! #weaving #weavinginspiration #fabricconstruction

My Favourite Design Route

Nowadays I like to take the third step as a way to be creative with my fashion designs. I love to drape and design complex designs, but it is also incredibly fun and exciting to take a simple design and then develop an interesting textile to really make it stunning and unique. Knowing that such ideas aren’t easily transferable to the high street mass production methods is a great incentive to get creative for myself. And this is why I love looking at other weaving inspiration – books, blogs, videos!

Fabric manipulation techniques - Weaving Inspiration - The Creative Curator

One of my earliest was exploring the effect of weaving on my chosen design silhouette. I love how playing and experimenting with textile creation can completely change how something looks.

I started by weaving leather together, looking at the techniques of Bottega Veneta. Gradually this developed into other methods, such as weaving with ribbon and leather cord. The effect and final outcome is of course different to that of traditional weaving techniques.

Fabric manipulation techniques - Weaving Inspiration - The Creative Curator

Weaving Inspiration Video

This weekend I came across this video from Mourne Textiles and found it so inspiring. It is more about weaving textiles for furnishings, not fashion fabrics. But it makes me want to pull out my handmade weaving loom – a wooden frame with nails hammered through – and get creative for my next collection.

Zero Waste Fashion Collection

The problem though, is that I’m focusing on zero waste construction techniques for this collection, so the new weaving ideas will have to sit on the back burner for a few months! 😉

Maybe once I have the zero waste patterns finished, I can then apply some interesting weaving ideas to those to have something remarkable! Lets see…

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