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Sewing: Why it Beats Peanut Butter on Toast!

July 31, 2016Eve Tokens

I Love Peanut Butter

I really love peanut butter. I love it with banana slices. Its great on sticks of celery. But my favourite way to eat it is as peanut butter on toast.. Nom nom. Yet, somehow, I love sewing waaaaay more than I love peanut butter. Whaaaaat?
It’s true! You wouldn’t know it from looking at my wardrobe though. While sewing and pattern making peeps blog about all their sewing makes, I’m more likely to be tucked away in my own head, thinking about a skirt I saw on somebody, and how I’d sew it differently. Seriously. I love sewing that much..!

The Problem

The problem I have though, is finding the time. Since I decided in May that my future involved teaching others how to be more creative, I’ve kinda dropped the ball with my own creative ways. Probably not helped by moving into a different studio, which I share with deskies.. As in peeps that work at their desks. Yep, two illustrators, a photographer and me. No space for my huge kick-ass sewing machine. No way. 😮
That machine has been stashed elsewhere in the short term, with a view to selling it. For now, I have my trusty old Bernina, which frankly, could do with a service. Yikes!

The Bernina

So, I keep my Bernini close to my desk at home, and I have a couple od draws stuffed with fabric. Each piece has a post-it note attached to it, which gives a clue as to it’s intended final appearance. But to actually lay out the fabric, cut it AND sew it? I just haven’t had the time!

The Pledge

So here, today, I pledge to y’all… I WILL GET BACK TO SEWING!
Next week, I’m launching a Sewing Challenge. It’s a 10 day challenge, requiring roughly 15 minutes a day. That’s two and a half hours in total. Easy peasy right? Well…
Off I go to oil the ol’Bernina then… 🙂

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