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Sewing and Patternmaking: The Next Three Months

January 10, 2017Eve Tokens

Sewalongs, Sewing Challenges, Live Workshops - We have lots planned for the sewing beginner - The Creative Curator

As part of my future plans for The Creative Curator, I will be switching focus between sewing and patternmaking over alternate weeks for the next three months.

This is so that my sewing beginners will continue to feel like they have somewhere to learn the sewing basics when embarking on making their own fashion clothes, while those more advanced at sewing can concentrate on developing their pattern making skills.


I’ll also be hosting bi-monthly sew-a-longs where I will provide the pattern – sometimes free, sometimes paid – and we will sew along together. Yay!

Part of this will include ‘hacking’ the pattern. When I say hacking, I mean modifying it in a creative way. It may be as simple a task as altering the fit to something that you feel more comfortable wearing, or experimenting more creatively and developing a pattern that is more *wow*! This means I’ll also be doing live video workshops either her on the website or through the Facebook group – so definitely keep an eye out for those invites in your inbox!


The Creative Curator is not what it started out as back in May last year, nor what it niched down to in July. It has always been my intention to inspire, excite and teach sewing beginners who wanted to make their own clothes.

What I am discovering from my ‘new reader survey’ that I send out to every new subscriber is that there are many more readers at an intermediate and advanced sewing level who would love to see more creative pattern making posts. Which means I need to concentrate mostly on sewing and patternmaking for the next three months.

There are also a fair few readers who would like to see more about textiles development and fashion design skills too.

Sewing and Patternmaking

For me, there cannot be one without the other, so by alternating between the two main topics of sewing and pattern making, I will then also have time to write in-depth posts about textile design, fabric manipulation and different fashion design skills. This keeps all my creative peeps happy, and will help me to stay focused on my ‘why’ – that is, helping everyone create their own fashion.

Upcoming Sewing & Pattern Making Posts

If you have specific requests of what you would like to see covered here at The Creative Curator, remember you can let me know in the comments below, or by hitting reply to my emails. I do store up all your suggestions in a computer file, so that I have a big list of what can be covered over the next few months.

Sewing Posts

  • Sewing a Circle Skirt
  • Sewing a Pin Hem
  • Sewing Simple Pyjama Pants
  • When to Use Stabiliser Fabrics

Pattern Making Posts

  • Making Patterns From Your Favourite Clothes
  • Full Bust Adjustment
  • Transferring Fabric Suppression in Patterns
  • Drafting Your Own Block / Sloper


We’ll also be taking a more in-depth look at fabrics. The differences between fabrics, and the fashion projects they work best on, as well as getting creative with fabric manipulation to really enhance our fashion creations.

Fashion Design

We’ll be taking a closer look at the research process. This will include putting together mood boards and colour stories from our research.

I am also working on a new collection for my sustainable fashion brand, so I will document that process here on the blog for those interested in the fashion design process to follow along with.

Planned Sew-A-Longs and Live Workshops

I’m working on 6 for the year, building up in level from beginner to more advanced. If there is something you would like to try sewing – fashion garment suggestions only please – let me know. I can then work out the schedule according to level and season!

The first sew-a-long will be the Saucy Skirt – a very simple panelled skirt made to YOUR measurements. And it isn’t hard to do! Check back on Sunday for the first set of instructions and a supplies list! 🙂

Okiedokie my fashion creative peeps… Hit me up with your suggestions and thoughts. And I’ll see you next week for Sewing a Circle Skirt!

Til then…

RECOMMENDED READING: If you’re ready to get cracking and in need of some practise why not read this post on sewing the Betty Dress from Sew Over It London. There’s also this post on Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners and of course me own Create Your Own Clothes series is here.

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  • Margaret

    May 20, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Thank you for accepting and sharing.

    1. Eve Tokens

      May 24, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Thank YOU Margaret for joining and learning with us! Hugs!

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