PMB – Thanks!

Thank you for clicking that confirmation button! You should now receive lesson one in your inbox within the next hour or two. In fact, it’s probably there right now, waiting for you but sometimes my email provider ConvertKit doesn’t send them immediately. Yes, I use an email service provider to send the email lessons to you, to save time manually copying and pasting! 🙂

To that end, if lessons don’t appear I kindly ask that you don’t email me asking for me to resend them. I know it seems a bit mean to say this, but I have had over 1400 amazing peeps sign up and take this email course, which is over 25,000 words long and took some time to create! Unfortunately, I don’t have time to manually go in and resend even one of the emails to each of those students. 🙁

If you do find a lesson missing, you can ask in the Facebook Group for someone to send it to you, or you can purchase life time access from my school, where you will always be able to access the course. You can grab that by clicking here. and it’s a bargain price, I promise!

Okiedokie, that’s all for now. Want to check out my blog posts and maybe learn something new about making your own clothes? If so, you can click here to see more

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