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Due to popular demand, I have expanded my sewing planner and created a collection of sewing planners!

The original version of my sewing planner was available as a physical black and white planner on Amazon, but it is rather basic. I love the simplicity of it, as it enables each person to decorate it and make it their own. 

Then there is the annual version available in colour as a digital download. At the moment it’s is the 2018 version, but as new visitors to my site have mentioned, we’re half way through the year already so it doesn’t necessarily make sense to buy that now.


I created seasonal planners. Yep, actual seasonal sewing planners. And I went one step further, and created location based sewing planners! 

Based on whether you’re in the northern hemisphere with your summer being June, July and August or the southern hemisphere and you summer being December, January and February, the seasonal sewing planners will have you planning your sewing projects year round!

They still mix in day to day planning alongside the project planning system of my original planner. But, there are also design templates included now, and it’s all in colour. Beautiful, glorious colour!

The seasonal sewing planners are available in physical form on Amazon, or as digital from this website or on Etsy. How’s that for options friends?

Want to check out these super duper fabulastic seasonal sewing planners? Awesome! You can do so by selecting one of the options below!