Pinfinite Growth From Melyssa Griffin: Is It Worth The Price?

Pinfinite Growth: Is It Worth The Price?

Pinfinite Growth is a course from Melyssa Griffin that helps you grow your website’s traffic using Pinterest. The synopsis is: ‘Infinitely grow your traffic and email list with your new secret weapon; Pinterest.’


I took Melyssa’s Blog to Biz Hive course back in June 2016, saw great results, and wrote that review about it.

That course was amazing for getting my online business set up and in order, but it was enrolling in Pinfinite Growth on 23rd September 2016 that helped to explode my business.

My Pinfinite Growth Concerns

You see, I wasn’t 100% sure I should be investing yet more money in my business. I was spending money on BBH each month, as well as ConvertKit for my email service provider, and I wasn’t sure I needed Pinfinite Growth yet.

I had looked at it back in February that year, but had decided against it as I hadn’t even finished creating my website at that point; how would a course on traffic growth help me?

I was also worried about the cost. I had committed to quite a few hundred dollars for the cost of Blog to Biz Hive, and as my business was still very early stages, I worried that spending almost $400 would be one investment too many.

One of the reasons I finally jumped in were the bonuses Melyssa was offering during her September launch. If I signed up then, I would get design templates to use as a basic template for my pins.

Hang On – What Are Pins?

If you’re so new to Pinterest that you’re now wondering ‘what are pins?’ – fear not!! Pins are the graphics / images that Pinterest is filled with. Every time you upload a new image, it is called a pin, and that pin is given a unique url. Which is great for tracking results!

You can create very unique pins that will drive traffic to your website, rather than just simple photos.

The bonus template helped me to achieve a consistent design to my pins, so that when anyone types in ‘The Creative Curator’ on Pinterest, the majority of images that show in Pinterest are mine. And they look like they came from the same place. Mostly. There are a few stray old ones floating about… 😮

Before Pinfinite Growth

Let’s talk about where I was before Pinfinite Growth. Before I signed up for Pinfinite Growth on September 23rd, my website traffic and email list was growing S-L-O-W-L-Y. This was despite having taken note of all the Pinterest tips and tricks inside Melyssa’s Blog to Biz Hive course. (Read my review of that course here.)

I had gone on holiday in mid July, and had set up BoardBooster (oh – this is one bonus to the course – I believe you still get 10,000 free pins to use in BoardBooster when you buy Pinfinite Growth!) and my account had grown from 144 followers to almost 600 between May 2016 when I started the blog to September 24th, which equated to 401 Pinterest referrals over that time.

This screenshot shows the number of impressions that pins from my website were making on Pinterest. An average of 15 impressions per day.

May 2016 Website Impressions on Pinterest


And then this is the Google Analytics screenshot that shows how much referral traffic I received from Pinterest between  the start of my blog in May 2016 and the day after I enrolled in Pinfinite Growth in September 2016.

Initial Pinterest Referral Stats Before Pinfinite Growth

As you can see, I received 401 referrals from Pinterest in this almost five month period. That’s around 80 clicks to my website from Pinterest each month. Or, even better, 2.5 clicks per day. Yes, I did the maths! 😉

So, what happened after I implemented Pinfinite Growth?

After Pinfinite Growth

Now, they say it takes three months for any changes you make to your Pinterest Account to really make a difference – and the changes I saw immediately after implementing the first lessons in Pinfinite Growth could, in reality, be down to the tips Melyssa gives inside Blog to Biz Hive on using Pinterest – because I finally started seeing some traction.

But that traction increased – and solidly – much faster and greater than those who had only implemented the suggestions inside BBH. Yes, I checked with some BBH buddies!

Immediate Results: Month of September 2016

This is my Pinterest account at the start of my Pinfinite Growth journey. On the impressions you can see that my Pinterest account has been getting more traction with a spike around 23/24th of the month which is RIGHT after I made a few initial tweaks from the Pinfinite Growth course.

September 2016 Website referrals from Pinterest


This is the screen shot of my Google Analytics that same month: I had 25 referrals on the 22nd and it almost TREBLED to 72 referrals on the 23rd – I bought the course around 7pm UK time, which would have been 2pm EST, and immediately implemented the first tips for my Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Referrals After Starting Pinfinite Growth September 2016

Three Months on Pinfinite Growth Results

This is the screen shot showing the impressions my pins had on Pinterest during December 2016.

Overall Impressions of my Pinterest Account in December 2016 - three months on from taking Infinite Growth


This is the number of impressions my own created pins made – pins that lead back to my website:

Impressions pins from my website made on Pinterest in December 2016 - three months on from taking Infinite Growth

In September the avg daily impressions were 5134, and now we’re looking at 29,205! Thats almost six times more impressions!

This is the amount of referral traffic I saw from Pinterest for my account in December 2016, three months on:

Pinterest referrals in December 2016, three months after starting Pinfinite Growth in September 2016

3002. That’s 3002 referrals from Pinterest to my website, in the month of December 2016. Thats a real difference. 401 referrals during a five month period, and 3002 referrals in just one month!

Pinterest Referrals More Than One Year On

This is a screenshot of the impressions my own pins make on Pinterest in December 2017 – over one year on from taking Pinfinite Growth. I love how it slumps a couple days before Christmas when everyone is focusing on the holidays!

December 2017 Website Impressions On Pinterest


And this is my referral traffic from Pinterest as shown in my Google Analytics.

December 2017 Website Referrals From Pinterest


And My Pinterest Today?

It’s is Boxing day 2017, my follower count is at almost 26K, and Pinterest informs me that my account had over 1.2M viewers in the last month. That’s right. 1.2 MILLION viewers!

Monthly Pinterest Impressions Snapshot

So yes – Pinfinite Growth definitely helped me out!

Pinfinite Growth Helped Me Elsewhere

In August, a contact of mine was impressed by my tales of growth using Pinterest. I became known in my business group as the ‘Pinterest Girl’, and if anyone had any questions about Pinterest, they came to me.

This contact then  asked me if I would run the Pinterest account of one of her clients, on a three month basis to test whether Pinterest would work for them. I jumped at the opportunity. And yes, Pinterest did work for them.

Because of this, I have taken on other clients, and have started a brand new website where I offer Pinterest based services. I have also started a completely new Pinterest account, to track the progress I make on that website, using the newly updated strategies inside Pinfinite Growth.

Is Pinfinite Growth Right For You?

Only YOU can know the answer to that my friend. What I do know is that without Pinfinite Growth, I do not believe I would have made the growth that I have in my first 18 months of business. And I am expecting much greater growth going forwards.

It is great for online businesses – if you’re clear on your niche. I’ve seen it achieve great results for physical stores that have a website too. A recent client runs in person workshops and saw great referrals from Pinterest.

And another bonus is that Melyssa provides a free Facebook group for support and her community managers are in there ALL THE TIME provided help and guidance – as are quite a few of the students that have worked through the course. So you’ll always have someone there to reach out if you have questions or wins to share! 🙂

Is Pinfinite Growth Worth The Cost?

To me, yes! I have seen my organic search traffic grow with the SEO strategies implemented from Blog to Biz Hive, but the Pinterest referral traffic I get each month is still greater.

And as I ramp up to create more content in 2018 – the last six months of 2017 were really quiet actually in terms of content creation for the website, which is why it stagnated a little – I expect to see a drastic growth in my Pinterest referral traffic, my email subscribers and of course, my business’s revenue.

For me, $397 was an investment I have never regretted.



I hope that answered questions you may have been having when your searched ‘Pinfinite Growth review’ – I know that I too did my research before handing over cash for an online course, and hope that this has offered some ideas on whether Pinfinite Growth would be right for you.

Latest Update

Having started out using Pinfinite Growth, and seeing good results, I started to manage Pinterest marketing for small business owners. I now do this over at my services based website – Eve Tokens Pinterest Marketing – and have seen some amazing result for my clients in different industries.

I further developed the skills I initially learnt in Melyssa’s Pinfinite Growth course, added my own discoveries from being ‘on Pinterest’ every day, and now spend three fifths of my working week on my clients’ Pinterest marketing needs.

If this is something you’re interested in hearing more about, please do check out my Pinterest management website here.




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