Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing Online Course Review

Do you want to start making affiliate income from your blog? Click to read my review of the Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing online course.

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing Online Course Review

I love Pinterest. I am on Pinterest every day for both my businesses.

I use it extensively to grow this business, The Creative Curator, and I use it in my second biz as a Pinterest strategist for online business owners, over here.

One thing I have never done however, is use Pinterest for affiliate marketing. I had always thought that affiliate marketing was spammy. I had an image in my head of swinging by a site, and being inundated with pop ups and flashy ads all over the webpage. That to me was affiliate marketing.

I even wrote on my ‘About’ page here that there would be ‘no whizz-bang flashy ads on the site; they annoy me, they’d annoy you’! And yet, here I find myself 21 months on from having launched my website, finally using affiliate links. Why?

*This post contains several affiliate links. If you click on them, I may received a small commission at some point. This does not cost you anything more, but will help me to increase my income / fabric stash! I only ever recommend products that I have paid for, used and trust. Your faith in me is important to me, and I never recommend products I have no experience with.*

 Do you want to start making affiliate income from your blog? Click to read my review of the Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing online course.

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

I had been hearing people tell me that if my business wasn’t making enough to live on, it wasn’t really a business. Rather, it was just a hobby.

Let me tell you – this seriously annoyed me. The Creative Curator is NOT a hobby. I have plans for this biz of mine, big plans. But first, I needed to start bringing in more revenue, to make things happen.

It was around Black Friday in 2017, and got an email from someone, about an online course called Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing. It was created by someone called McKinzie on a site called Moms Make Cents. I had never heard of Mckinzie or her site, but the course was on sale, I needed help with what she taught, so off I went to check it out.

Now, I’m not a stay at mom, looking to make extra income at home, so it could be said that i’m not the perfect target audience for Pin to Profits. Yet, I was intrigued enough by the description of the course contents to actually put my money on the table.


What’s Inside Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing?

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing is made up of five modules:

• Module 1: The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

• Module 2: Optimise Your Pinterest Account

• Module 3: Branding For Pinterest

• Module 4: Implementing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

• Module 5: Pin Affiliate Tips For Bloggers

To be fair, I only needed modules 1, 4 and 5, as I’d been using Pinterest long enough by then to know the rest, but, those three modules were totally worth the price I paid for the course.

And if you’re a new blogger, you’ll get enormous value from the entire course, for a fraction of the price of other Pinterest based courses!

I spent time implementing the lessons that Mckinzie taught, and waited. And waited. I started to think that making anything on Pinterest through affiliate marketing was all a load of codswallop. But just as I stopped thinking on it, and moved onto the next thing on my list, the affiliate commissions started coming in.


Income From Implementing Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

In December I made just under $20. In January 2017, I’ve so far made almost $47. Sure, most would say it’s nothing to write home about, because $47 wouldn’t even pay for my monthly email list cost over on ConvertKit. Yet it’s $47 more in affiliate income than I earnt in every other month in 2017.

And I expect this monthly affiliate amount to keep growing. Because now I know how to use affiliate marketing on Pinterest in a way that isn’t spammy and annoying.


Is Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Oh yes. I paid around $42 in November 2017, and have already made that back. And with Pinterest now circulating all my pins that lead to affiliate products, that small investment has more than paid for itself.

I also love how warm and friendly McKinzie is. I emailed her about the course, and had several emails back. I feel happy having spent my money on a product that works, from someone who cares about her audience. Win-win me thinks?

If you’d like to learn more and start making affiliate income, check out McKinzie’s Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing course here.





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