Pattern Tester Registration

Pattern Tester Registration

Well hello friend! I’m excited that you’ve landed on this page – it means you’re interested in being a pattern tester for The Creative Curator! Exciting!

Please fill out the form below – it may take a few moments to load, so hold tight! – so that I can get to know a bit about you and whether you’d be a good fit for my pattern tester needs! Thanks so much, and I’ll be in touch!


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What would you like to do next?

Yay, you’ve registered to be a pattern tester for The Creative Curator, but did you know that there is waaaaay more to my site that just registering to be a pattern tester?

Sewing Blog Posts?

I have a section of my blog dedicated to all things sewing – that’s a page of sewing posts, great for the sewing beginner, or to use as a refresher!

Pattern Making Blog Posts?

Maybe you’d like to catch up on some pattern making blog posts? I cover quite a bit, and am still adding more! And great news is that if you have something you’d like to see covered, you can submit your suggestions using the comments area! Woop woop!

Fashion Design Posts

This section is slowly being built out, so it’s a little scarce right now, BUT it does have a couple of reads if you’d like to understand the fashion design process a little more!

Pattern Making Basics

Ah, yes, my daily access course for anyone looking to learn pattern making basics. This course is pretty epic for a nominal £5 fee and walks you through design analysis, the impact of fabric choice and how to draft four blocks! Yep, epic!

If you’re like me and don’t want to wait for a new lesson to open up every day, you can actually buy full access to the course, and then access it again and again… Basically, whenever you need to return to it, it’ll be there waiting! 🙂

Sustainable Sewing

Yep – I’m a big fan of sustainability in fashion, whether the manufactured kind or the hand made kind. There’s no reason not to consider sustainable practices and ethics when it comes to creating any kind of fashion, so I spend some time writing posts with this in mind. You can read them here!

Planning Sewing Projects

Finally, because I know that some people really struggle, I have created a sewing planner to help us all stay on track with our sewing projects! There’s a video to show you how to use it, and links to where you can buy the sewing planner.







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