Pattern Making Basics Lesson List

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Pattern Making Basics Lesson List

PMB/1: Tools, Workspace + Mindset

PMB/2: Accurate Measurements

PMB/3: All About Ease

PMB/4: Influence Of Fabric

PMB/5: Design Principles

PMB/6: Seam Allowances + Garment Finishings

PMB/7: 5 Ways of Creating Patterns

PMB/8A: Printable Guide

PMB/8B: Design Inspiration

PMB/9: Drafting A Skirt Block

PMB/10: Fabric Suppression

PMB/11: Drafting A Bodice Block

PMB/12: Making Toiles / Muslins

PMB/13: Drafting A Straight Sleeve Block

PMB/14: Drafting a Basic Trouser Block

Pattern Making Basics Questions?

If you have any questions on any of the lessons listed above, you can ask them in the comments areas of each lesson, or within the Facebook group.