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Most Popular Sewing And Pattern Making posts in 2017!

December 28, 2017Eve Tokens

Click to read the best of 2017 Sewing And Pattern Making Posts!

Well hello my friends! It is 2018! It felt like 2017 rushed by, at least a good portion did for me! How was your 2017? Did you set and succeed with your sewing and pattern making goals or are there a few lurking on sewing pile waiting to be finished?

If that is you, do check out this post to see how I use my sewing planner to plan in time for my sewing projects! It may help you too!

Popular Sewing and Pattern Making Posts in 2017

I thought now might be a good time to look back and review what worked on The Creative Curator. And by this I mean, what did you lovely people read most! So here are the 10 (technically 11) most popular sewing and pattern making posts

1. Pattern Making Process

Learn How to Make Your Own Patterns - Part One Pattern Making Basics - The Creative Curator

The award for most read post on the blog goes to ‘Pattern Making Process’! This post was a simple post to write – and is in fact be one of the longer ones on the blog at just over 2000 words – but gives a good overview of the pattern making process, so that anyone interested in pattern making can grasp the process used. It must have hit an interest, currently it has been shared over 4000 times on social media!

You can read that most read post by clicking here!

2. Draft A Mandarin Collar

Number two on the list is my post on drafting a Mandarin Collar. A text, photo AND video post, this one is the most favoured by those searching on Google – and in fact the YouTube video has been watched over 3000 times… and this without a very great audio quality! I think the popularity of this suggests I should be upping my game on YouTube – would y’all like to see more video tutorials I wonder?

Well – you can learn how to draft a Mandarin collar by clicking here!

3. Clothes Fastenings: 15 Types

Yep – this post which I wrote more as a reminder to myself to think outside of the box when thinking about clothes fastenings, has done REALLY well on Google. I think 90% of the visits are from Google, so there is a call for people wanting more information on sewing supplies…

Check out all you need to know on different clothes fastenings by clicking here!

4. Free Library

Learn how to make your own clothes ; sewing, patternmaking, fitting, and fashion design skills too!

While technically not a blog post, this page on my site was one of the most visited pages – seems like lots of The Creative Curator readers like the freebies! I have been slack at adding to the library in 2017, but have it on the list of 2018 goals – to add more sewing and pattern making guides, and free sewing patterns too!

You can register to access the resource library here by becoming a subscriber!

5. Understanding Body Proportions

This post went VIRAL on Pinterest when I added it in February 2017. Understanding body proportions was an issue many of my readers were having, and writing this definitely helped to clear some of those problems up! Why? Understanding your body’s proportions help you to better understand how a pattern might need to be adjusted so that it will fit you better.

I have since added the basic template to the resources library for you to download and use as often as needed.

Check the Understanding Body proportions post here.

6. How To Use Clothing Patterns To Create Your Own Block

Another post on pattern making, this one has over 4000 shares on social media and is often referred to in emails I receive from subscribers. Why? Because so many commercial sewing patterns don’t fit right out the packet. And being able to modify one that does to be a basic block for yourself, is quite an awesome thing.

Learn how to use clothing patterns to create your own block by clicking here!

7. Getting Started Making Your Own Sewing Patterns

As you can see, this is the fourth pattern making based post to make the top 10 in 2017. Seems a lot of my readers are excited about pattern making! One of the shorter posts on the blog, it was part one in a four part series, and was an easy read for anyone looking at reasons why they should make their own sewing patterns.

Later in 2018 I will be releasing a course on creating digital sewing patterns – based off how well received this post was!

If you’d like to read it, you can do so by clicking here!

8. Sewing Seams

This is one of the first posts I wrote on the blog back in 2016, and still gets great traffic to this day. I do need to add new photos me thinks, and maybe some video tutorials too, just to fill it out a bit further. But all in all, it does a good job of expelling what the different seams are that are used in the creation of fashion.

You can read all about seams by clicking here!

9. Facings and Collars

Click to understand the different collar types - then design your own collar styles! - The Creative Curator

In joint 9th place we have Facings and Collars, two separate posts that looked at the different types of each.

Facings covered the different types of facings available, with written instructions for completing some of them.

The Collars post was a thorough dissection of collars so that there could be no confusion! I feel that the success of the Drafting Mandarin Collar post suggests I could make further posts on different collar styles – pattern drafting and sewing them, and is definitely something that would work well on video me thinks?

You can check out the Facings posts here and then there is the collars post here!


10. Truing Darts and Seams

This post, again regarding pattern making, is the 10th successful post on the blog. Again, it has HUGE social shares – currently upwards of 4K – and has been a hit with you all looking to improve your pattern making skills.

If you haven’t read it, but would like to, click here!








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