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May 30, 2016Eve Tokens

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Creating with our Minds and our Hands

I talk about having a creative mind. And about wanting to inspire people to be more creative. And I don’t mean by being more creative in the workplace. There are many creative coaches out there who will help you with that. What I want to do is show you that anyone can be creative, in the ‘getting your hands dirty’ kind of way. Creating with our minds and our hands. Check out this post on what creativity is.

Creative Industries: What are They?

To get started though, lets think about the Creative Industries. Interesting fact: According to various sources online, the Creative Industries generates approximately £84.1 billion a year to the UK economy. Wowsers! But what are these Industries?

The Creative Industries is recognised as being 13 creative areas within the UK. The list is seen as definitive worldwide. These areas are:


Architecture *

Art *

Craft *

Design *

Fashion *



Music *

Performing Arts

Publishing *


TV & Film

The *starred areas are those that I will be exploring further within future blog posts and in the creative and curated pages – these are what the Creative Curator will be focusing on..! That said, one area that isn’t included in the official list is Food. Maybe as Food equates to restaurants which means service industry? Yet I include it within the Creative Industries because chefs are also creatives, and I think cooking is one of the easiest ways of being creative in the home, of really getting your hands dirty!

Are You a Creative Industry Person?

Out of curiosity, how many of m’Gang are working in one of these creative areas? Hit reply with your area in the subject and I’ll compile a bar chart for us all to see! And if you’re not working in one of these areas? Just respond with ‘Not Me’!

What Qualifies me to be a Creative?

So, what makes me qualified to talk to your about getting down ’n’ dirty with your hands? For those of you who don’t know me that well, I started my adult life nannying. I did that it for 20 years, and during those twenty years I took a multitude of classes: photography, black and white printing, drawing, screen printing, sewing, pattern cutting, fashion illustration, ceramics, technical drawing, creative writing. I felt like I still hadn’t had enough and so I went back to school and did an art and design foundation course followed by an undergraduate degree in fashion.

I’ve interned in fashion companies, I run my own slow-fashion brand, worked as a photographer in NYC, designed a book cover for a poet, taught college students how to sew and pattern cut, started learning linocut printing, and taught quite few children how to sew, paint, draw, cook and even play chess! (Does that count as creative?) As well as being a ridiculously long list of what I’ve done, that also boils down to me having an insatiable appetite for learning and teaching creative activities. Which is why I am best placed to say: we can all be creative, nobody should fear trying something new and fun and creative! Are you with me?

Seriously… Some of my attempts have been DIABOLICAL! But, the need to create and try something new pushes me onwards, always. That isn’t to say that I feel the need to create for employment’s sake. I’ve had several instances in my life where I worked full time in a creative industry – photography, and fashion – and they KILLED my creativity.. My excitement, my passion, my desire – they all disappeared with every day that I was forced to sell my ideas to make money and pay the rent. I’m not commercial. At all!

Creative Takeaway

What this has taught me is that it’s ok to have a day job. I LOVE being with my boyz (10 years and counting, though I’m only with them part time now) and I feel even more excitement when I can get back to the latest project after an evening hanging out with them. So, I am in no way advocating that you quit your job and become a full time creative. I know too many artists who struggle. But what I am desperate for y’all to do, is open your day to day life to a lil’more fun. Creative fun… For you to have creative minds and creative hands. Wan to know why we should all be more creative? Check out this post!

What do you think? Are you feeling it? Am I inspiring you? Let me know at the usual address: [email protected]

Til next week!

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