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Fix Your Fit: Free Fit Issues Challenge!

September 27, 2017Eve Tokens


Fix Your Fit - A FREE five day challenge for those clothing and pattern fitting issues - The Creative Curator


The biggest request for help that I get is about fit. So, today I’m gonna tell you about a free challenge I have created for you – Fix Your Fit!

Now, initially this was going to be part of the free Pattern Making Basics course, but it’s a hefty subject, and I was more than a little overwhelmed trying to put the emails together in a way that wasn’t overwhelming for you. You see, it turns out that sometimes video is best after all!

Fix Your Fit – An Overview

The challenge will run over 5 days, starting October 23rd. Each day you’ll receive an email lesson breaking down fit issues, and this will be reinforced with a video lesson inside a private Facebook group. These lessons will be Monday through Thursday, and no longer than 30minutes.

So in total, you’ll want an hour a day for the Fix Your Fit Challenge for the first four days.

Final Day Of Fix Your Fit

On the final day of Fix Your Fit Challenge – Friday 27th October – there will be a lengthier workshop inside the Facebook group. This will be between 2 and 4 hours long and spread out over the course of the day.

In this workshop I will be developing one of my blocks into a design submitted by you. I will create the pattern, cut out the fabric and sew the garment up so that you can see how having a great fitting block can impact on your wardrobe options.

Registering For Fix Your Fit Challenge

You do need to register for the Fix Your Fit Challenge. (Legally, I cannot just send you the Fix Your Fit challenge emails as that wasn’t our agreement when you joined me as a subscriber.)

You can register using the form below, but please remember to hit the confirmation button in the email you’ll receive!

Fix Your Fit Challenge Schedule

As mentioned above, there is a schedule for Fix Your Fit challenge, and I’ll be sticking to it, so if you want to get all the info, be sure to join the private Facebook Group when I send you the link!

The schedule will be posted inside the group and each day’s homework will be pinned to the top of the group timeline.

Some final notes regarding Fix Your Fit

  1. The Fix Your Fit challenge is only going to run for five days. You can join at any point as the lessons are standalone.
  2. Each lesson in the Fix Your Fit challenge will be available in the Facebook Group for 24hrs and then deleted. This is to prevent ongoing questions / emails asking for further guidance, which stops me from helping my Creative Cutting Class members and Fashion Design Skills beta students.
  3. The Facebook Group will be archived at 23:59 on the 28th October. This means you will be able to view posts within the group, but will no longer be able to comment.
  4. If you miss the October Challenge, I will be running it again in February 2018. You can use the sign up form below to register your interest!
  5. Its a good idea to have some blocks ready to use. If you haven’t drafted your own and would like to, check out my free email course Pattern Making Basics. It has had over 700 students work their way through it, will some amazing feedback. Did I mention it’s free?

Fix Your Fit Challenge!

Fixyourfit day1 download

Are your struggling with fit issues when making your own clothes??

Join my free five day challenge and get those fit issues fixed!

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