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Fashion Friday – London Fashion Week [PT2]

September 30, 2016Eve Tokens


Fashion Friday - London Fashion Week - The Creative Curator

It’s a double Fashion Friday day today. Why? Because I COMPLETELY forgot that I intended to finish of last week’s London Fashion Week post. *Face palm* What am I like? (Daft, forgetful, bonkers, a tad silly, a doophus and a bit of a gorm!)

So what did you think of last week’s very first Fashion Friday post? I’ve been doing my research online since I posted it, and apparently there are quite a few Fashion Friday things going on! Say what? And there I was thinking I was unique! 😉

So, lets get down to it..

London Fashion Week [Part 2]

For a quick recap on last week’s post check out this link!

Last week I finished off around the ‘L’ section, this week its M onwards!

We’ll get started with..

Mary Katrantzou

Mary first started studying for a BA in architecture out in the US, before realising fashion was her thing. She ended up transferring to… yep, Central Saint Martins to finish her degree in textile design. Her fashion collections always have a very colourful textiles approach, and this collection for SS2017 is no different. There are a couple of lovely pieces – the three I selected actually felt more like Peter Pilotto designs to me – and one that definitely makes this weeks ‘what were they thinking’ section at the bottom of the page.

Mary Katrantzou - London Fashion Week SS2017 - The Creative Curator


Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe has been around for a while now, and has his studio right in the heart of London’s fashion district. I’ve always been a fan and found it hard to select only three looks. So I give you six! The is probably the best, most coherent collection from London Fashion Week SS2017. I’d wear all of these, and I’m not a white / cream girl! That said, he also had one make the ‘what were you thinking’ section. These London based designers! Yikes!

Paul Costelloe - London Fashion Week SS2017 - The Creative Curator


Peter Pilotto

I REALLY wanted to add these guys in here, having spent my required university interning period with the brand. But this season, their collection was ghastly. So I’ve put the best of the ghastly collection here, and it took some deciding, I can tell you! Would I wear any of it? Not a chance! If I had the midriff for it, I’d probably concoct my own version of the cropped top on the left though.

Peter Pilotto - London Fashion Week SS2017 - The Creative Curator


That’s all I have for you folks… That really is how bad it was. From Simone Rocha to Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane and Burberry, it seems like London designers have given up on being innovative.

There was nothing new at the shows, with the same silhouettes, the same colour trends, appearing again and again. I get that the trends are ‘set’ seasons in advance, and that the designers all go to the same vast fabric fairs and buy from the same fabric mills. And yes, there are only so many ways you can make a dress, or a shirt, or a jumper.

But what happened to originality? What happened to designing a collection that was fashionable, wearable, fun and playful?

From all the collections that I looked at, again and again I found myself skipping head, muttering ‘boring’, ‘dull’, ‘seen it before’, ‘boring’, ‘cliched’… This isn’t fun, and it only strengthens my resolve not to be part of this world that pumps out collection after collection, filling landfill after landfill, while only the corporations behind the brands make anything from it. This really is fashion at its worst.

So to finish off, a few more of this season’s ‘What Were They Thinking’ looks.. (notice the colour continuity throughout though???)

London Fashion Week SS2017 - What were they thinking of? - The Creative Curator

L:Mary Katrantzou / C: Paul Costelloe / R: Ryan Lo

Next week, I planned to cover both New York Fashion Week – being that I didn’t do it last week – and Milan Fashion Week too! That plan is now in jeopardy – If those shows were anything like the London shows, I’ll be hiding away from fashion again for quite a while.

I’m definitely loving the Paul Costelloe collection, and would definitely attempt to make myself a dress and a jacket. Anything here inspire you to make your own version?

Til next time…

*As before, photos on this page are sourced from London Fashion Week website.

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Comments (2)

  • Clio

    October 3, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    I liked the Paul Costelloe shots you included. And since I’m Florida based and have about eleventeen pairs of white jeans, I think I could get away with the white!! 🙂

    1. Eve Tokens

      October 9, 2016 at 5:52 pm

      Ah Clio, I am so sorry! Only just spotted this comment. *Face palm* I’m glad you liked the Costelloe looks – they were definitely my favourite from London Fashion Week. I’m not brave enough to wear white jeans here.. too much rain and pollution in London – they’d soon become a murky grey! Yuck! 🙂

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