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Fashion Friday – London Fashion Week [PT1]

September 23, 2016Eve Tokens

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London Fashion Week – totally inspired me!

Say what? Whoa! How?

Well, it’s not that this season was particularly great – far from it in fact – but, it did inspire me to start a weekly Fashion Friday post. Yep, cos I’m loving being online here with you guys and I just can’t stay away! *rolls eyes like a proper geek*

I figure the post can be used a ‘what can I do on the weekend’ kinda thing. How often do you sit there on a Saturday morning, with the whole weekend ahead of you, and feel a tad flummoxed? I know that if I have seen something I like the look of, I’m more likely to push through the ‘Aaaargh what to do’ moment and crack on with a project.

London Fashion Week

Being that here in London, gazillions of peeps were in town for London Fashion Week – SS2017 collections – I thought I’d do a few inspiring piccies from the shows.

Now, this year is probably the first that I didn’t attend myself. You see, I’m a little fashion fragile at the moment. As much as I love seeing all the creations, especially on the catwalks, I just feel like mass produced fashion is overrated. This feeling has been growing for a couple of years; it’s why I made GWEN&SYD completely sustainable early in 2015. Now there are even more brands being ‘sustainable’, I’m even more suspicious. So much so, I’ll be doing a post in October about the state of sustainable fashion, with interviews included.

Anyhow, that’s swinging off topic… Maybe I should have been a couture designer and made one off custom pieces for individuals – that would certainly sit better with me me thinks…

Ok, back to the point…

Spring / Summer 2017

So, here we go…


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this JW collection. Mostly I hated it, and I often feel that way. The collections always seem to be a mash-up of too many ideas. But these three pieces I’d consider wearing…

JW Anderson - London Fashion Week SS17 - The Creative Curator

Angel Chen

There’s a multi-layered aesthetic from this unisex fashion brand. Angel studied at Central Saint Martins and is based in Shanghai.

I love the layered, fun, colour filled collection. Even the velvet trousers on the right don’t offend me here – and I know how much I hate velvet!

Angel Chen - London Fashion Week SS17 - The Creative Curator


Christopher Kane

Well, I have to say, the Christopher Kane collection felt a little try-hard. It was inconsistent and all over the place. Such a let down. This designer is again a graduate from CSM and one of the first shows I ever tried to get into when I was a student. I failed, but it was fun trying.

I couldn’t find three that I liked enough to put here, so I opted for two instead. I would TOTALLY wear both of these skirts… I’m inspired! 🙂

Christopher Kane - London Fashion Week SS17 - The Creative Curator

Antonio Beradi

Another CSM graduate, Beradi has been showing in London for quite a few years now. I’ve always loved his silhouettes, but this collection left me feeling a little ‘meh’… These three were my favourite pics – I love the texture on the outside trouser leg, it isn’t that dissimilar to a finishing technique I used on my last GWEN&SYD collection and I would totally try and make my own version of the long white maxi dress on the left.

Antonio Berardi - London Fashion Week SS17 - The Creative Curator


The Worst of London Fashion Week SS17?

And to finish? I thought I’d throw in my three worst looks from the shows. Seriously.. the world is NOT a better place with these in it! What were they thinking???

London Fashion Week - SS17 Worst of - The Creative Curator

From Left to Right: L/Emilio de la Morena – C/House of Holland – R/Faustine Steinmetz

Ok.. being that these Friday Fashion posts are supposed to be short and sweet, I’m gonna leave this one here… Next week, I’ll do a round up of the later section of the London Designers List!

Til next time…


[All pics are taken from the London Fashion Week website.]



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