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Day 3: Fabric Choice for Saucy Skirt

January 22, 2017Eve Tokens

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Sewing beginners, fabric choice is important for ALL sewing projects. It can make or break a creation! - Saucy Skirt Sewalong - The Creative Curator

Wowsers!!! Are you feeling the excitement yet of creating your very own Saucy Skirt?

I know I am! I’ve made this skirt quite a few times – and it ALWAYS looks different, depending on my fabric choice and how I modify the pattern. This time I am making it in a charcoal sandwashed silk, which I’m up-cycling from a pair of wide legged trousers I was given.

So yesterday, in Day 2, we covered measuring our body and drafting the pattern. Check out that post here if you missed it! Hopefully you have your pattern ready! Today we crack on with Day 3.

DAY 3: Fabric Choice

  • Our next job is to decide which fabric you want to use for your skirt. This is important to know now, as it will affect the fabric choice we use to toile the pattern.
  • Toiles are also called muslins, and are used to test the fit of a garment before making it in your final fabric choice.
  • There are three types of fabric to choose: woven, knit or non-grained fabric such as leather or felt. Each will behave differently, so it is important to choose early on for the toiling stage, which is why we’re doing it this week!
  • If you are new to sewing, I would suggest choosing a woven fabric, preferable made of cotton and one that is not too light or too heavy in weight. We do not want to line the skirt at this point, so it should be a fabric that can be worn without lining. 🙂
  • If a woven fabric is selected, you will need to also buy some similar weight calico or a cheap version of fabric. Remember how long your panel length is for your finished skirt. Mine was 46cm so I know that I would need a good 60cm length x 140cm wide from the fabric store.
  • I plan to make an edgy version of this next month using an African waxed print fabric… It will be STUNNING!
  • Then there is the waist facing to account for as well! Unless your fabric choice is stupidly expensive I recommend getting at least 1 metre as you can always use what is left for other projects. 🙂
  • You will need at least the length of your skirt for fabric for the toile (in a cheap similar weight fabric), and then again for your skirt.
  • You will also need to buy an invisible zip in the correct colour which will be used to open the skirt enough to pull it up over the hips. A minimum length should be the distance between your hip and waist measurement which we recorded in Day 2. Mine was 17cm. You could go craaaazy and have a full length centre front to centre back zipper if you wanted. The creative options are limitless!
  • Finally, you also need to buy a thread in a matching colour!

That’s it… Your mission for this week. Go find some fabulous fabrics and clock back in next Saturday for Day 4!!

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