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Day 9: Sewing The Skirt

February 12, 2017Eve Tokens

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Sewing The Skirt - Saucy Skirt Sewalong - the Creative Curator

Sewing the skirt? Yep, we’re on the home straight my friend! 🙂

Yesterday you inserted the zipper. How was it for you? Did you get it inserted ok or was it a tad trickier than expected? My zips don’t always go in right first time, so if yours didn’t, you’re not alone!

Supplies For Sewing The Skirt

Today, we get to crack on with sewing the skirt. We’ll start with getting the main skirt constructed in this post, and the final one will be on hemming and facing!

Have a quick gather up of all the bits you need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Skirt panels
  • Pins
  • Scissors

That should be about it right?

Sewing The Skirt

  1. You should have decided some time ago on the seam finish you will be suing for your saucy skirt. If your skirt is made from a frayable fabric, like a silk, make sure to sew the seam as a French Seam, so the raw edges are enclosed. You could also sew a felled seam too, just remember that you will have needed to add more seam allowance to start with. You can read the instructions for different seams in this blog post.
  2. If you had planned to, you can instead overlock your panels together so that the seam edges are finished in one go. Remember though that the overlocker / serger has a narrower seam allowance, so you’ll need to trim the excess away before sewing, or use the overlocker blade to do so. I overlocked my sand washed silk version to save time and wish I hadn’t; it did not come out well. For my tartan version, I am using felled seams!
  3. You now need to pin all of your panels together, from waist to hem, matching the notches carefully.
  4. Using your sewing machine with a medium stitch length, sew a seam with the seam allowance amount that you added to your pattern. Mine is 1cm.
  5. Sew from the waist down to the hem of each panel. We sew in one direction for the best finish, and from waist to hem so that if there is any discrepancy, it ends up at the hem.
  6. Don’t forget to take out your pins as you approach them so that you don’t risk damaging your machine.
  7. Make sure to feed the two layers of fabric evenly; we don’t want any puckering.
  8. You should find that both the waistband and and hem of all pieces meet perfectly. If you haven’t succeeded with this, you’ll need to unpick the stitching back to the last correctly matched notch, and resew the seam. 🙂
  9. Continue with all the panels, from waist to hem, until all the pieces are sewn and connected! You should now have a skirt – a panelled tube if you like – with a zipper opening.
  10. Now… don’t forget to use an iron to press each stitch line as it was stitched in order to set the stitching, and then press the seam open (if it wasn’t and enclosed seam) so that it lies flat.

Phew… There is only one day left, but doesn’t your Saucy Skirt look pretty awesome right now? I cannot wait to see your photos after the final lesson!

The last lesson is hemming, and adding a facing to the waistband!

RECOMMENDED READING: If you aren’t sure about sewing seams, check this Sucky Seams post. Don’t forget you can catch up on previous Saucy Skirt Posts by heading to the Saucy Skirt Sewalong Page here.

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