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Day 5: Sewing The Muslin

January 29, 2017Eve Tokens

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Day 5 - Sewing the muslin - Saucy Skirt Sewalong - make your own skirt - The Creative Curator


We’re on to Day 5 already of the Saucy Skirt Sewalong – Sewing The Muslin! How is that even possible? I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun right?! (Well, I am even if you’re not!) 😉

If you missed Days 1 to 4, click here to work your way through them!

So, hit me with it.. are you on track? Are you having any issues that you wanna ask me about? If you do, PLEASE let me know in the comments below each sewalong post!

Today is Day five and finally we’ll get to do some sewing! Woop Woop!

DAY 5: Sewing the Muslin

You should by now have all the panels cut out. Did you get them done yesterday? If not, can you do them now?

Get Pinning

  1. First up, grab two of your panels and place a pin 2.5cm / 1 inch below the hip notch.
  2. Next, pin them together, from the hem up to that placed pin matching any notches carefully.
  3. On this one seam, you would usually need to insert the zip to be sewn into the seam. It is ESSENTIAL to sew a zipper in while most of the skirt is ‘flat’. But for this toile, we’ll just leave it open without a zip, for fit purpose.
  4. The zip length needs to be bigger than the waist to hip length to ensure we can get the skirt on over our hips. If we stop the zipper at the hip, we’ll still need to wriggle into the skirt and that won’t be fun!
  5. Next up, you need to pin all of the remaining panels together, from waist to hem, matching the notches carefully.

Sewing The Muslin / Toile

  1. Using your sewing machine with a medium stitch length, sew a seam with your chosen seam allowance from the waist down to the hem of each panel, EXCEPT the one seam that the zip will go into. My seam allowance is 1cm so that is what I’ll sew. When it comes to sewing my actual skirt, i’ll be using a French Seam as it is a frayable sand washed silk. Your fabric choice will determine what seam finish you will use, and thus your seam allowance!
  2. As you sew, remove the pins as you approach them so that they won’t damage your needle if caught.
  3. Be sure also to not feed the top or bottom layer of fabric too quickly. Your machine’s feed dogs will do the job at the right speed!
  4. The skirt sections should meet at the waistband and the hem perfectly. If they don’t, you will need to unpick back to the last correctly matched notch, and restitch. 😮
  5. Continue with all the sections, from waist to hem, leaving only the seam with the zip unstitched

Pressing Seams

As you all surely know, it is ESSENTIAL to press each stitchline as it is stitched in order to set the stitches. We then need to press the seam open so that it lies flat.

Next week

So, That’s it for today. You now have a skirt in your test fabric. DON’T PUT IT ON YET!

As much as you want to, as excited as you are, PLEASE hold out till the next Sewalong session on Saturday 4th February!


Because when you first pull that skirt on, we need to fit it. Without the instructions, you risk stretching out the fabric so that the fit session will be wasted. Seriously. Please don’t Do It! 🙂

Alrighty, now that I have your solemn word, off you go. Have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.. Whatever your poison is (mine is both!) and depending on the time too I guess!

Day 6 is now live, check out ‘Testing The Fit’ here!

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