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Creative Cutting Class

July 29, 2017Eve Tokens

Last week, I launched a new area of The Creative Curator. It’s called Creative Cutting Class.

So far, Creative Cutting Class is in ‘pre-launch mode. This means that although I am signing up new members each day, at special ‘founding member’ pricing – and these members had access from July 24th – the areas within the Creative Cutting Class membership site will not be fully operational until September 18th, right in time for a typical academic year!

But, be warned. Creative Cutting Class is not an academic course. It is a monthly skills building membership community. And it is aimed ONLY at women. I know; I have offended many men with this decision, but as I have explained in private to them, the majority of my readers and email subscribers are women, and I am first and foremost a womenswear designer and creative pattern cutter for womenswear.

I wouldn’t feel confident teaching menswear skills. And while I understand that men ALSO want to learn cutting skills related to womenswear, at this point, my focus is solely on women.

Creative Cutting Class: What Is It?

So, what is Creative Cutting Class? As I mentioned above, it is a monthly membership area of The Creative Curator. Within Creative Cutting Class there are several learning areas, and a community aspect too, so that women of all ages can connect, create and collaborate together, with others who are interested and excited about pattern making. Or pattern cutting. Or pattern drafting. We all refer to it differently after all, right? 😉

Who Is Creative Cutting Class For?

The membership site is for women new to pattern making, and those who have some experience. Those who are more advanced may love it too for the community aspect.

My aim is that only women who are willing to put in the effort to learn new pattern creation skills each month will join. I have boredom issues and would hate to be inside the membership area twiddling my thumbs waiting for people to help! 😉

Women who love to make clothes and are eager to learn about fitting issues, and cutting techniques.

Women who have joined so far are from all over the world. A mix of age, shape, size and ability. But what they all have in common is their desire to push themselves further with pattern making skills.

Who Is Creative Cutting Class Not For?

Men. It’s controversial I know, but I am creating a place for women to get together and learn, and men sadly, are not a planned part of it. At some point in the future, when I have my members in place, I will check in with them to see how THEY feel about admitting men into the community, but for now my instinct is to keep it to women only. For the reasons mentioned above.

Creative Cutting Class is also not suitable for those wanting to learn sewing skills. This site (The Creative Curator) is available for those wanting to improve their sewing skills, and in due course I will open up Snazzy Sewing again to new students. But for now, the only ‘sewing’ skills covered in Creative Cutting Class are specific construction techniques which are relevant to pattern making / pattern cutting / pattern drafting.

What’s Inside Creative Cutting Class?

Well.. this is where it gets really exciting! You see, my ultimate dream for Creative Cutting Class is for it to be the BEAST of pattern making / fashion creation knowledge. It will take time, but that’s the plan.

Which means that from the outset, I need a clear view of what will be within the membership area.


Creative Cutting Class Masterclass - The Creative Curator - Pattern Making Skills MAsterclasses

Monthly masterclasses teaching something specific, where members will achieve a final outcome.

The masterclasses are made up of:

Week 1: Monthly masterclass video lesson, where I walk you through that month’s topic or struggle members are having, and show you the way, step by step. Members are encouraged to submit ideas.

Week 2: Text and image based, as a downloadable PDF, which shows the step by step process of that months masterclass.

Week 3: Live Q&A call where I will work through, with you, ay issues that you may be having with that month’s topic.

Week 4: Outcome week. Member submissions / review of work, so that work can be assessed, feedback given for further progress.

Ongoing: Discussion. Yep, Creative Cutting Class is a community forum, so there will always be ongoing discussion with me and other members in the Masterclass Discussions.

Research Area

Learn Fashion Creation Skills - Creative Cutting Class - Research Area - The Creative Curator - Fashion Creation Skills

Think of the Research Area of Creative Cutting Class as an online encyclopaedia. All things pattern making and pattern design. Topics covered will be:

  • Construction Skills
  • Pattern Making Basics
  • Intermediate Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Fashion History
  • Fashion Style
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Textiles
  • Recommended Resources

Obviously not ALL of these topics will be covered at launch, as it takes time to build an online encyclopaedia after all! 😉 But, priority of areas will be given to members who ask for specifics.

Creative  Process

Learn Pattern Making Skills - Creative Cutting Class - Creative Process - The Creative Curator - Pattern Making Skills

This members area of Creative Cutting Class focuses on SPECIFIC techniques. Think draping, flat cutting, zero waste cutting etc.

Some of the lessons will be in video format, some in workbook / text format. There will always be step by step processes for you to follow the Creative Process and achieve an outcome.


Experiment with Pattern Making Skills - Creative Cutting Class - Creative Process - The Creative Curator - Pattern Cutting Skills

An optional monthly project for further skills development. Members are under no obligation to ‘Experiment’ but for those who are keen to further develop skills, this is the place to do so.

The experiment project will be based upon the previous month’s masterclass so that it can reinforce the learning that took place, and build upon skills.

Learn Together

Learn Together - Chat, Create and Collaborate - Learn and develop Pattern Making Skills - Creative Cutting Class - Creative Process - The Creative Curator - Pattern Cutting Skills

This area is where members can hang out and get to know each other. Chat, create and collaborate. You can share photos, videos, web links, safe in the knowledge that the content YOU share is all safely hidden away within a secure membership site.

Library Resources

Library Resources - Learn Fashion Creation Skills - Creative Cutting Class - Research Area - The Creative Curator - Fashion Creation Skills

Transferred over from The Creative Curator library are pattern making guides and any free patterns available too. I will also be updating it with downloadable resources from the research area, which will predominantly be online only.

Access to Me | Eve, The Creative Curator

Yep. I will be in the membership area during office hours – and potentially non-office hours when the BF isn’t paying attention! 😉  If you have a burning issue / technique question etc, that is where you can reach me, for a speedy answer.

So, What Does It Cost?

At full price, less that a cup of coffee a day. Don’t believe me? Let me break it down…

Founding Members 1-10 – £17 per month (56p per day)

Founding Members 11-20 – £27 per month (89p per day)

Founding Members 21-30 – £37 per month (£1.22 per day)

Founding Members 31+ – £47 per month (£1.54 per day)

See, less than a take out coffee a day! Boom! 😉

What Do Founding Members Get?

  1. Immediate access to the membership site, but you will only see content added from July 24th onwards when I flick the switch.
  2. The ability to start immediately with the ‘Work Together’ area, connecting and building relationships.
  3. Access at a heavily reduced monthly fee for as long as you remain a member.
  4. The option to input YOUR ideas to help form the direction of the membership site.
  5. Ongoing access at the reduced price for as long as YOU continue the monthly payments. Which means that if you are one of the VERY first founding members, with the £17 per month deal, you will ALWAYS pay that price until you cancel.

Why Join Creative Cutting Class Now?

Now, there is no fixed reason that you should join now. If it is something that interests or excites you, there will be access to the membership up until my founding limit of 150 is reached.

However, once the founding member spots have been filled, access will close until September 11th. At this point, the membership will reopen but there will then be a joining fee of £129 and then a recurring monthly fee of £57 per month. (This is about £1.90 per day, so for those of you who like coffee as much as I do, less than a daily fat white!)

What are you thinking? Sound like your cup of coffee?

If you do want in, please check out the joining page by clicking here. This link will reflect the current joining price dependant on how many members have joined so far. Thats it..

If you have questions, please do drop them below in the comments section – I will get back to you ASAP!

Til next time…

Want to learn pattern making skills? Join Creative Cutting Class, a monthly membership site from The Creative Curator







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