This page is the dedicated create your own clothes blog. Here, we will work our way through deconstructing and reconstructing garments, photos etc so that you can better understand the how of garment construction, which will help YOU create your own clothes.

This Create Your Own Clothes blog is a work in progress, so projects may be slower than usual in being uploaded.

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    Create Your Own Clothes: DA1-PT3
  • Create Your Own Clothes: DA1 From Jumper to Top - Part Two
    Create Your Own Clothes: DA1-PT2
  • Make your own clothes - DA#1 - The Creative Curator
    Create Your Own Clothes DA1-PT1


18 Step Sewing Guide


Do you want to sew your own clothes? Do you have no idea where to start? Join me as I teach you stylish fashion skills, from beginner to advanced.

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