• Learn how to assemble PDF patterns with this video tutorial. I show you how to join pdf sewing pattern pages - The Creative Curator

    How To Assemble PDF Patterns

    August 15, 2018 Eve Tokens

    Pin226Share8Tweet234 SharesLets learn how to assemble PDF patterns. Because when it comes to digital sewing patterns, you need to be able to print them at home or at a printers, and you then need to know how to assemble PDF patterns. I am a stickler for assembling PDF patterns a certain way. When I deviate,…

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  • Learn all about printing PDF sewing patterns at home using you home printer, so you can make DIY clothes for yourself!

    PDF Sewing Patterns: How Do They Work?

    July 25, 2018 Eve Tokens

    Pin566Share32Tweet598 SharesSewing patterns are available now in two formats: paper or PDF sewing patterns. For many though, PDF sewing patterns are a new thing, and that can sometimes be a little overwhelming for people new to PDF sewing patterns. This step by step tutorial will demystify everything about PDF sewing patterns and you’ll feel super…

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  • Click to learn how to put eyelets in fabric. #sewing #eyelets #sewingprojects

    How To Put Eyelets In Fabric: A Step by Step Tutorial

    February 28, 2018 Eve Tokens

    Pin8.00KShare28Tweet8.03K Shares   How To Put Eyelets In Fabric: A Step By Step Tutorial If you’re into sewing, you will probably at some point need to know how to put eyelets in fabric. Eyelets – and grommets too for that matter – are little metal circles, that can be inserted into fabric to create an…

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  • How To Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design - The Creative Curator

    Developing A Design: Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design

    August 23, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin390ShareTweet390 Shares Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design (Part 3) Alright then.. We have covered Getting Started in this post, and the five techniques you can use to make a sewing pattern with in this post, but today we are going to focus on developing a sewing pattern design. This is my favourite thing. I…

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  • Learn how to create knit sewing patterns using one of your favourite knit garments! This quick post tells you the basic instructions so that you can try copying your favourite clothes for yourself!

    Creating Knit Patterns Using Knit Garments

    July 12, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin956Share4Tweet960 SharesCreating Knit Patterns Using Knit Garments Creating knit patterns using knit garments is almost as easy as making a sewing pattern from a woven garment. If you are wanting the slightly easier method, read last week’s post where we looked at how to make a sewing pattern for yourself using an existing woven garment…

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  • How to make a sewing pattern using a woven garment - The Creative Curator

    How To Make A Sewing Pattern: Using Woven Garments

    June 20, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin15.59KShare24Tweet15.61K Shares How To Make A Sewing Pattern Using A Woven Garment One of the five ways I know of to create patterns for yourself is to use existing garments. It’s actually a trick used often in the fashion industry! So today, we’re looking at how to make a sewing pattern using existing woven garments.…

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  • Learn how to draft pattern blocks with Pattern Making Basics! This text course provides you one lesson per day, so that you can start making your own pattern blocks or slopers! Great for anyone that would love to start drafting their own sewing patterns!

    Pattern Making Basics: Learn To Draft Pattern Blocks!

    June 10, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin10.79KShare34Tweet10.83K SharesPattern Making Basics Who here struggles with the pattern making basics? Hands up if you have read the books, followed YouTube videos, or even just tried figuring it out on your own? And it’s a struggle right? I get so many emails from my readers who say that they really want to be able…

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  • How to create a zero waste pattern - The Creative Curator

    Zero Waste Pattern: How To Create One Using Adobe Illustrator

    May 31, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin1.10KShare5Tweet1.11K Shares Zero Waste Fashion (PT4): How To Create A Zero Waste Pattern Today we are running through how I create a zero waste pattern, using Adobe Illustrator. Last week we looked at the reasons why zero waste fashion is so important to me, which was part 3 of the zero waste fashion series. The…

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  • Zero Waste Dress

    Zero Waste Fashion Dress: In Two Versions

    May 10, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin228Share13Tweet241 SharesZero Waste Fashion is something that I am very passionate about. In this fashion world where exploitation and mass consumption is rife, zero waste fashion is one more way for me to be more sustainable. Create Your Own Zero Waste Dress I recently participated in a zero waste fashion event – Create Your Own Zerowaste…

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  • In order to sew better fitting clothes, you need an understanding of your body proportions. This post - Understanding Body Proportions - will help!

    Understanding Body Proportions

    March 21, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin5.45KShare40Tweet5.49K Shares Understanding Body Proportions This week I thought I’d talk to you about understanding body proportions. Now, I KNOW many of you reading this may roll your eyes at me – you and I both know that you don’t fit what the fashion and sewing pattern industry label as ‘normal’ – that is the…

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  • Want to learn how to draft a mandarin collar? This is a simple collar to pattern draft and an easy collar to sew too! This patternmaking tutorial will teach you how!

    How To Draft A Mandarin Collar Pattern

    March 1, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin1.42KShare9Tweet1.43K SharesThis week’s post is how to draft a Mandarin collar pattern because I have been receiving many emails from my readers about collars. Drafting of collar patterns as well as the sewing construction techniques too! So, I thought this week I would start with the mandarin collar, as it is the collar used on my…

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 9 - Sewing the Skirt - The Creative Curator

    Day 9: Sewing The Skirt

    February 12, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin89ShareTweet89 Shares Sewing the skirt? Yep, we’re on the home straight my friend! 🙂 Yesterday you inserted the zipper. How was it for you? Did you get it inserted ok or was it a tad trickier than expected? My zips don’t always go in right first time, so if yours didn’t, you’re not alone! Supplies For Sewing…

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 8 - Inserting The Zipper - The Creative Curator

    Day 8: Inserting The Zipper

    February 11, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin122Share2Tweet124 Shares Today is the day we start sewing up our Saucy Skirts… I’m really excited to see your results, so today is a big day for me! DAY 8: Inserting The Zipper If you haven’t already downloaded it, grab my 18 step sewing guide from the free resources library. (Pleas note: You do have to…

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 7 - Cutting the Skirt - The Creative Curator

    Day 7: Cutting The Skirt

    February 5, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin87ShareTweet87 Shares Sooooo…. Today we are cutting the skirt. But tell me, how’re you feeling? How did yesterday go with the fit session!?! Are you excited? Daunted? Flummoxed? Did you get the pattern changes completed? If it didn’t make any sense, you know you can contact me with questions, using the contact form! If you didn’t…

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 6 - Testing the fit - The Creative Curator

    Day 6: Test The Fit

    February 4, 2017 Eve Tokens

    Pin78ShareTweet78 Shares We are back with Day 6 of the Saucy Skirt Sewalong and today we get to… Test The Fit!!! How excited are you? DAY 6: Test The Fit Now comes the time to fit your toile / muslin so that we can make any necessary pattern adjustments before we sew the real thing!…

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