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Burberry SS2017: Loose Fit Jacket

March 20, 2018Eve Tokens

For this first in an ongoing category of posts ‘Pattern Suggestions’ we’ll start with a loose fit jacket from the Burberry SS2017 collection. Shown in October 2017, the Burberry SS2017 show was the last from designer Christopher Bailey, who was with Burberry for over 15 years.

I have for the most part always been a fan of Christopher Bailey and how he took on and reinvented Burberry from a brand worn mostly by tourists and ‘footballers wives’ – due to in great part from a multitude of licenses operating around the world – to a brand that had more oomph and creativity the longer he stayed at the helm.

That is, until this, his final collection.

Burberry SS2017: Bailey’s Finale Show

There were very few pieces in the Burberry SS2017 finale collection from Christopher Bailey that I liked. In fact, only 4 looks throughout the collection actually caught my attention.

This first one is a loose fit jacket, slightly oversized, and using a variety of fabrics. And in all honesty, that is the reason I clicked upon this look. I like to think about the different ways I can use of the fabric in my stash, and recreating this loose fit jacket would definitely help use up some random remnants.

Burberry SS2017 - Loose Fit Jacket
Photo © British Vogue 2017

Key Notes For Stash Busting

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It is important though to consider the grain line when busting open your remnants stash, and of course, you also need to consider the way different fabric will look together.

You wouldn’t want to use a light fabric with a heavy weight fabric as the won’t sew nice together, and you’ll have the heavier fabric dragging at the lighter one.

Colour combinations are also something to consider, but choosing wisely will leave you with an opportunity to create and wear something really unique!

Sewing Patterns That Would Work

Technical Fashion Drawing of Burberry SS2017 - Loose Fit Jacket
Drawing © Eve Tokens


Recreating this Burberry SS2017 loose fit jacket for yourself wouldn’t be too hard. My first choice would be to develop my loose fit bodice block, as it’s have more creativity with that, but if you’re keen to use an existing pattern, I’d use the Style Arc Bobbi Bomber and develop that.

Style Arc Bobbi Bomber PDF Sewing Pattern

You could extend the centre front for a button placket rather than the zipper opening. Modify the waistband rib so that it didn’t extent all the way round. And of course, splice up the main pattern sections to better use up your stash! Don’t forget to add seam allowance to all new edges created!

And imagine if you actually made this using interesting fabric manipulation techniques? Something new, unique and beautiful! Now, that’s MY kind of fashion! 🙂

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