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2018 Make Nine – My Make Nine Choices

January 12, 2018Eve Tokens

Have you made any of the sewing patterns I've chosen in my 2018 Make Nine choices? My choices are a varied bunch, which should work well to keep me clothed stylishly throughout 2018, and will lessen the chances of me having to buy anything new!

2018 Make Nine – My Make Nine Choices

So, I have seen a few – read thousand – posts in Instagram with the hashtag #makenine2018 (apparently the official one is #2018makenine – see this post for more info!) and I decided to get in on the action. To me, Make Nine is about making nine items that you need, rather than going out and buying more that you don’t. It’s another way to stay sustainable when it comes to fashion.

And for me, I need new clothes. I wrote this post back in November 2016, and then made it through 2017 without buying anything new except shoes when needed (I walk a lot), bra’s, knickers and a layered sports jacket for a trip to the mountains in the US with a friend. I did get a few bits for Christmas in 2016 and 2017, but essentially, I have been living in the remainder of clothes that didn’t get purged in November 2016!

I have been collecting patterns since March 2017, but never really had the time to make anything new. This year, with the help of the Make Nine challenge, and my sewing planner for planning, I aim to make the following nine items for myself.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase at no further cost to you.

1. Karri Dress – February’s Make Nine Choice

Karri Dress - Megan Nielsen Patterns
Image © Megan Nielsen Patterns

The first of my make nine is the Karri dress. Karri is a dress pattern from Megan Nielsen patterns, that I LOVE! I haven’t made it yet – I bought it late autumn of 2017 – but I plan to make it for Valentines day dinner with my man. So, I best get crackin’ on it already! 🙂

It is a panelled dress, with a fitted bodice, short sleeves – which I may omit as I’m not a fan of sleeves on dresses – and a flared skirt. It’s great for mixing things up, as it would work well with a combination of printed fabrics. And we all know I’m a bit of a rebel and hate to do anything that looks a bit boring! 😉


2. Kalle Shirt – March’s Make Nine Choice

Kalle Shirt - Closet Case Patterns
Image © Closet Case Patterns

The second of my make nine is the Kalle shirt. Kalli, by Closet Case Patterns, is my kind of shirt. I plan to make it long, so it’s loose and comfy, but I’m not entirely sure which fabric yet. I have a striped shirting that could work, but I feel it needs some more oomph to it. We shall see!


3. Dungaree Shorts – April’s Make Nine Choice

Kommatia-TR809 - Dungaree Shorts
Image © Kommatia Patterns

March’s make nine pattern is TR809 from Kommatia Patterns. It’s a cute little pair dungaree shorts. I have a whole bunch of denim that I am using on these – up cycling / refashioning at its finest! I plan to use the Easter break to get this done, as it’ll take some time, patching all the denim bits together!


4. 1940s Wrap Dress – May’s Make Nine Choice

1940s Wrap Dress - Sew Over It
Image © Sew Over It

I LOVE Sew Over It Patterns. They just seem to fit me. Maybe Lisa designed them for the curvier figure in mind, because I have yet to have any fit issues with Sew Over It patterns. This pattern I bought in paper format – one of the few I have that isn’t PDF – and I am SO excited to make it up for the summer. I plan to make two, both probably without the sleeves, so I have options this summer. Last summer, I wore old jeans and tees the whole time and I feel the need to be way more feminine than that!


5. Ogden Camis – June’s Make Nine Choice

Ogden Cami - True Bias Patterns
Image © True Bias

Last year, on Instagram, I was constantly seeing Ogden camis. I got the envy, and bought the pattern from True Bias. I even got as far as cutting out a couple of versions. Have I sewn them? Nah! Winter arrived and I left them on my sewing pile. But, being that I always have high hopes of a warm summer here in the UK, I have decided to make myself four camis, one of which will be longer, like a slip dress. Boom!


6. Beverly Bikini – July’s Make Nine Choice

Beverly Bikini - Named Clothing
Image © Named Clothing

Now, this will be my first time ever making a bikini. I’m terrified. But, I need a new bikini, as I have piled on the pounds, and my old two don’t fit. Sure, they might when I get to making this in July, but if it’s a choice between forcing myself to lose weight to fit into a bikini, or making one for myself? I know what I’m going with! 🙂

With that in mind, I have bought this pattern, Beverly, from Named Clothing. I’m hoping that the bikini bottoms will hide my bigger tummy, and the halter neck top will keep my boobs in order! We shall see!


7. Flint Trousers – August’s Make Nine Choice

Flint Trousers - Megan Nielsen Patterns
Image © Megan Nielsen Patterns

Oh, these are sooooo beautiful! I saw a pair of wide legged trousers in M&S (Marks and Spencers for you non-UK folk) a couple years back and DROOLED over them. I then drafted myself a pair, but never got round to making them, and seem to have lost the pattern in the house move that followed shortly after. This trouser pattern, from Megan Nielson is RIGHT UP MY STREET! And I’ll be making them in August, so I’m not tempted to wear trousers all through the summer! Boom! (That said, I may sneak in a shorts pair, just to see me through summer…)


8. Carli Aviator – September’s Make Nine Choice

Carli Aviator Jacket - Style Arc
Image © StyleArc

I love this jacket. One of my favourite jacket styles is the aviator jacket. I’ve had an aviator from Burberry, Balenciaga or Acne on my drool-worthy wish list for years. This pattern from Style Arc perfectly fits the bill, and will be a fraction of the cost that the drool-worthy ones are priced at. Expect to see mine made up in an alternative fabric though – no leather / sheepskin for this!

And, as I won’t be likely to wear it until the cooler autumn months, I’ve planned this one for September.


9. Saporro Coat – December’s Make Nine Choice

Saporro Coat - Papercut Patterns
Image © Papercut Patterns

My October Make Nine make is the Saporro coat from Papercut Patterns. I grabbed this in November 2017 after seeing a version made up in a Facebook group I’m in. Oversized, cocoon shape, with big pockets to bury my hands in? Yes! This will be perfect for the cold months when the Carli aviator is a little too casual.

And, I may make two versions at the same time – a lighter one ready for spring 2019!


Final Make Nine Thoughts

I am super excited the Make Nine exists. I often need accountability, to make sure I get things done – it’s the rebel in me! This list of makes is something I’m super excited about, and will be linking up posts to the new makes as they happen, so do pop back to check them out! 🙂

Finally, let me know in the comments whether you’re taking part, and what you’ll be making!

Til next time…




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