• First Birthday - The Creative Curator

    First Birthday For The Creative Curator!

    The Creative Curator Birthday! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…!!! Woohoo! I am celebrating – The Creative Curator is one year old today! I’m not sure how this last year has gone so fast, but I am one happy chick! My decision to start something new was born out of my frustration with […]

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  • Understanding Body Shapes: Part 1 - The Creative Curator

    Understanding Body Shapes: Women Viewed Straight On

    This week we will look at understanding body shapes of women straight on, which follows on from my previous post about Understanding Body Proportions. In that post we looked at understanding body proportions in relation to the western world’s ideal. You can read that post here if you missed it. We looked at how to […]

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  • How To draft A Mandarin Collar - The Creative Curator

    How To Draft A Mandarin Collar Pattern

    This week’s post is how to draft a Mandarin collar pattern because I have been receiving many emails from my readers about collars. Drafting of collar patterns as well as the sewing construction techniques too! So, I thought this week I would start with the mandarin collar, as it is the collar used on my new […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 7 - Cutting the Skirt - The Creative Curator

    Day 7: Cutting The Skirt

    Sooooo…. Today we are cutting the skirt. But tell me, how’re you feeling? How did yesterday go with the fit session!?! Are you excited? Daunted? Flummoxed? Did you get the pattern changes completed? If it didn’t make any sense, you know you can contact me with questions, using the contact form! If you didn’t get the […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 6 - Testing the fit - The Creative Curator

    Day 6: Test The Fit

    We are back with Day 6 of the Saucy Skirt Sewalong and today we get to… Test The Fit!!! How excited are you? DAY 6: Test The Fit Now comes the time to fit your toile / muslin so that we can make any necessary pattern adjustments before we sew the real thing! Preparing to […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 4 - Fabric Prep - The Creative Curator

    Day 4: Preparing Your Fabric

    It’s the Saucy Skirt Sewalong, and it is awesome to see you back here for Day 4: Preparing your fabric! How are you getting on with the sewalong so far? Any struggles? You can hit me up with any questions in the comments sections below each post! If you missed the first three days, pop […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 3 - Fabric Choice - The Creative Curator

    Day 3: Fabric Choice for Saucy Skirt

    Wowsers!!! Are you feeling the excitement yet of creating your very own Saucy Skirt? I know I am! I’ve made this skirt quite a few times – and it ALWAYS looks different, depending on my fabric choice and how I modify the pattern. This time I am making it in a charcoal sandwashed silk, which I’m up-cycling […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 2 - Making the Pattern - The Creative Curator

    Day 2: Make a Skirt Pattern (Saucy Skirt Sewalong)

    Happy Saturday! We’re back for Day 2 of our Saucy Skirt Sewalong and we shall now make a skirt pattern! Have you gotten your supplies together? Are you ready for the second day ?? (If you missed Day 1 – check it out here first!) I’m excited that you’re here with me, inspired to learn this […]

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  • How To Make A Circle Skirt Pattern - The Creative Curator

    Full Circle Skirt: Make a Circle Skirt Pattern!

      The Full Circle Skirt. We love them right? That fab swooshy noise from the fabric swishing around our legs. Circle skirts are great either long or short, and can be high waisted to define our waist, or sit lower down, resting on our hips. Circle skirts of all kinds work in so many different fabrics […]

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  • Saucy Skirt Sewalong: Day 1 - The Creative Curator

    Saucy Skirt Sewalong

    The Saucy Skirt Sewalong is the first skirt Sewalong from The Creative Curator – and it’s a skirt sewalong with a difference! 😉 You see, in this skirt sewalong, you will be creating your own skirt pattern! *SAY WHAT???* Yep… Instead of having you buy the pattern, I’m going to teach you how to create it […]

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  • Sewing & Pattern Making - The Creative Curator

    Sewing and Patternmaking: The Next Three Months

    As part of my future plans for The Creative Curator, I will be switching focus between sewing and patternmaking over alternate weeks for the next three months. This is so that my sewing beginners will continue to feel like they have somewhere to learn the sewing basics when embarking on making their own fashion clothes, […]

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  • 13 Top tools for drafting your own sewing patterns - learn pattern making - The Creative Curator

    13 Top Tools For Drafting Your Own Sewing Patterns

    I hear tell that there are top tools lists all over the internet for drafting your own sewing patterns. Being that my first love is pattern making, I thought I would weigh in with mine. I have thirteen. Boom! Headsup! The images of recommended top tools will take you to a link on Amazon UK when clicked. […]

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  • Why I teach fashion creation skills - learn sewing, pattern making and fashion design skills - The Creative Curator

    Why I Teach Fashion Creation Skills

    Fashion Creation Skills – Do They Matter? Life is scary. One day we can be going about out lives, business as usual, the next it’s completely different. It happens around us, every day, and around the world too. People have life changing accidents. Others are caught up in war. And some of us just get […]

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  • Christmas Gift Sewing Projects - The Creative Curator

    Christmas Gift Sewing Projects

    Christmas Gift Sewing Projects When it comes to Christmas shopping, I am RUBBISH! I leave it til the last minute. Not because I don’t care, I do. I write little notes throughout the year, an ongoing list if you like, of all the things I see that I think people will like. For my Ma […]

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  • Truing Darts and Seams - Learn patternmaking - The Creative Curator

    How To Be All Trued Up: Truing Darts, Seams And Then Some!

    I left off last week thinking that this week’s post would need to be all about truing up our newly created patterns. It seemed then, as I wrote that piece on creating a block / sloper from a commercial clothing pattern, that the idea of truing up our patterns was coming across as being quite complicated. I even got some […]

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