• Fashion Design Skills - Create A Capsule Fashion Collection - The Creative Curator

    Fashion Design Skills

    I get this statement come through on emails from some of my subscribers; I want to be a fashion designer! And it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be rather awesome to run a fashion design skills course, as an online course, that people could take alongside me? As in, while I’m working on my new […]

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  • Zero-waste Fashion - Why is zero-waste fashion so important? - The Creative Curator

    Zero-waste Fashion: Why It Is So Important

    Zero-Waste fashion This week I really want to chat about zero-waste fashion. Not because it is becoming trendy, or the hip thing to talk about, but because I really want to help raise awareness about what zero-waste fashion really is, and why it is so important that the world as a whole understands why it […]

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  • First Birthday - The Creative Curator

    First Birthday For The Creative Curator!

    The Creative Curator Birthday! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…!!! Woohoo! I am celebrating – The Creative Curator is one year old today! I’m not sure how this last year has gone so fast, but I am one happy chick! My decision to start something new was born out of my frustration with […]

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  • Offset Warehouse interview - Diary Of A Fashion Show - The Creative Curator

    Offset Warehouse Interview

    Back in October 2015, I showed a sustainable fashion collection from my brand GWEN&SYD at Brighton Fashion Week. The event was one of the few in the UK to highlight sustainability in fashion, with the three day event shining the spotlight on the many ways sustainability could be a bigger part of the fashion industry. […]

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  • Sewing Beginners Cheatsheet - The Creative Curator

    Fashion Creation: The Ultimate Sewing Beginners Cheatsheet

    Fashion Creation – Handmade not Homemade If you are a sewing beginner looking to get started with fashion creation you have come to the right place. The Creative Curator covers EVERYTHING to do with fashion creation; Sewing, Patternmaking and (From Spring 2017) Fashion Design skills too. The emphasis here is on handmade NOT homemade! What […]

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  • Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at The Victoria and Albert Museum London - The Creative Curator

    Undressed: A brief History Of Underwear

    Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear Undressed: A brief history of underwear is the latest fashion related exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. The V&A is my all time favourite museum in London – it is also the only museum I have membership to – so I happily popped along to check […]

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  • Dressing Consciously - sustainable fashion - The Creative Curator

    Dressing Consciously

    Dressing Consciously Two weekends back, having decided I would be dressing consciously in 2017, I decided to have a sort out. My life felt cluttered since I had moved out of my work studio. The move meant I now had A LOT of fabric and sewing tools stashed randomly around our small flat, along with […]

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  • London Fashion Week 2016 - Part 1 - The creative Curator

    Fashion Friday – London Fashion Week [PT2]

      It’s a double Fashion Friday day today. Why? Because I COMPLETELY forgot that I intended to finish of last week’s London Fashion Week post. *Face palm* What am I like? (Daft, forgetful, bonkers, a tad silly, a doophus and a bit of a gorm!) So what did you think of last week’s very first Fashion Friday […]

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  • Sewing zippers for sewing beginners - How to sew zippers - The Creative Curator

    Sewing Zippers: How To Conquer Pesky Zippers

    Lets talk about sewing zippers this week. Zippers are one of the most versatile of fastenings and are a very neat way to get into and out of a piece of clothing. Being that our aim here at The Creative Curator is to create our very own amazing fashion pieces, we really do need to […]

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  • How to create your own clothes - Part 1 - The Creative Curator

    How To Create Your Own Clothes For A Sensational New Look [DA1PT1]

    Create Your Own Clothes Create your own clothes is a new and ongoing series showing you how to create your own clothes from already made garments or photographs. We will use Design Analysis to break down clothing that you have or fashion pieces that you’ve seen, and recreate it for yourself. If you’d like a copy of […]

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  • Five Easy Sewing Patterns for beginners - The Creative Curator

    5 Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners

    Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners: An Overview If you’re just getting started in the world of fashion creation, I highly recommend experimenting with some easy sewing patterns for beginners. These more simple patterns will help you to better understand the process of creating garments. By selecting various easy sewing patterns for beginners you can almost guarantee […]

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  • How to measure your body - sewing beginners - The Creative Curator

    Lets Get Measured: How to Measure Your Body

    When it comes to making fashion pieces for yourself, it is essential that you know how to measure your body accurately. The wrong measurements mean the start of an incorrect fit, and that is not what we’re about! By not measuring your body at the get-go, you’re setting yourself up for a few sessions of […]

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  • How To Sew Seams For Sewing Beginners - The Creative Curator

    How To Prevent Seams That Suck

    Being that seams really affect how our final garment looks, I thought it was very, very important to go over seams, being that we discussed different stitches in a previous post and it is ESSENTIAL that your seams don’t suck! Get that stitch info by clicking here! What is a seam? A seam is the line […]

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  • How To Create Your Own Fashion - The Creative Curator

    How To Create Your Own Fashion With Sensational Success: Part 3

    So, you still want to create your own fashion? You’re still excited by the thought of designing and sewing something new? You’ve thought about the color and the fabric and you’ve a couple of your hand drawn designs clutched in your excited hands? What? You missed part one? Catch it here! And you missed part two? […]

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  • How To Create Your Own Fashion - The Creative Curator

    How To Create Your Own Fashion With Sensational Success: Part 2

    Still want to create your own fashion? Did I not terrify you with the last week’s post? 😉 If you’re still excited or intrigued, and up for learning more, this week I’m going over the next stage. Create Your Own Fashion: The Next Stage So far, you’ve been inspired, completed your research, and collated it all […]

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