• Offset Warehouse interview - Diary Of A Fashion Show - The Creative Curator

    Offset Warehouse Interview

    Back in October 2015, I showed a sustainable fashion collection from my brand GWEN&SYD at Brighton Fashion Week. The event was one of the few in the UK to highlight sustainability in fashion, with the three day event shining the spotlight on the many ways sustainability could be a bigger part of the fashion industry. […]

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  • Why I teach fashion creation skills - learn sewing, pattern making and fashion design skills - The Creative Curator

    Why I Teach Fashion Creation Skills

    Fashion Creation Skills – Do They Matter? Life is scary. One day we can be going about out lives, business as usual, the next it’s completely different. It happens around us, every day, and around the world too. People have life changing accidents. Others are caught up in war. And some of us just get […]

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  • Daenerys Targaryen Dress - The Creative Curator

    Daenerys Targaryen Dress: Sew Your Own!

    Daenerys Targaryen Dress I decided back in late October that I would make myself a Daenerys Targaryen dress. I’m sewing it as my competition entry to a Facebook group sewing competition that I am part of. The original competition date was 26th November, but has now been pushed back to 29th January 2017 due to the […]

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  • Caravaggio Fashion and Textiles Exhibition - The Creative Curator

    Caravaggio Fashion and Fabrics Exhibition

    Yesterday I happened upon the Caravaggio Fashion and Fabrics exhibition at the Museum of The Order of St John in Clerkenwell. I’d had a sneaky lunch with the man and on the way home, spotted the words ‘Fashion’ and ‘Fabrics’ on a banner near the museum. Being the sucker that I am for such things, […]

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  • Graduate Fashion Week - Showing a Womenswear Collection - The Creative Curator

    Graduate Fashion Week: Showing A Womenswear Fashion Collection

    Graduate Fashion Week The dream us students have when we’re still studying for our fashion degree is to show our final collections at Graduate Fashion Week. Nobody tells you about the cost involved. Both time and monetary. When I decided to go and study fashion design as a mature student, it was to have the […]

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  • Hussein Chalayan at The Design Museum - The Creative Curator

    Hussein Chalayan: At The Design Museum

    Hussein Chalayan.. Design Museum c.2009? Why on earth have I pulled these up now? Well… I’ve been going through my old computer, storing photos that are useful to an external hard drive, and deleting those that are a bit duff. Part of the spring clean I forgot to have back in March when I invested […]

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  • London Fashion Week 2016 - Part 1 - The creative Curator

    Fashion Friday – London Fashion Week [PT1]

    London Fashion Week – totally inspired me! Say what? Whoa! How? Well, it’s not that this season was particularly great – far from it in fact – but, it did inspire me to start a weekly Fashion Friday post. Yep, cos I’m loving being online here with you guys and I just can’t stay away! *rolls […]

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