• Zero-waste Fashion - Why is zero-waste fashion so important? - The Creative Curator

    Zero-waste Fashion: Why It Is So Important

    Zero-Waste fashion This week I really want to chat about zero-waste fashion. Not because it is becoming trendy, or the hip thing to talk about, but because I really want to help raise awareness about what zero-waste fashion really is, and why it is so important that the world as a whole understands why it […]

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  • Weaving Inspiration for Fashion Creations - The Creative Curator

    Weaving Inspiration For Your Fashion Creations

    I thought I’d write a little about weaving inspiration. You see, when it comes to creating our own fashion, we can take many different roads as a starting point. Create something that is a very simple design and use a very simple fabric. Great option for those who are sewing beginners and unsure of how […]

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  • Graduate Fashion Week - Showing a Womenswear Collection - The Creative Curator

    Graduate Fashion Week: Showing A Womenswear Fashion Collection

    Graduate Fashion Week The dream us students have when we’re still studying for our fashion degree is to show our final collections at Graduate Fashion Week. Nobody tells you about the cost involved. Both time and monetary. When I decided to go and study fashion design as a mature student, it was to have the […]

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