• How To Assess Your Body For Fit Issues - Sewing Patterns - The Creative Curator

    Fit Issues: How To Assess Your Body

    Fit Issues: Lets Assess! In this world we live in – the one made up of women and men who want to make their own clothes for various reasons – there are many struggles that are experienced. The one I am contacted about the most, usually as a reply to my welcome series of emails, […]

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  • How to create your own clothes - Part 1 - The Creative Curator

    How To Create Your Own Clothes For A Sensational New Look [DA1PT1]

    Create Your Own Clothes Create your own clothes is a new and ongoing series showing you how to create your own clothes from already made garments or photographs. We will use Design Analysis to break down clothing that you have or fashion pieces that you’ve seen, and recreate it for yourself. If you’d like a copy of […]

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