• Why I Teach Fashion Creation Skills

    Fashion Creation Skills – Do They Matter? Life is scary. One day we can be going about out lives, business as usual, the next it’s completely different. It happens around us, every day, and around the world too. People have life changing accidents. Others are caught up in war. And some of us just get […]

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  • Sewing Gifts For The Sewing Beginner

    Sewing gifts. We all need them – ideas for sewing gifts. Throughout the year there are quite a few moments when a gift is needed. Christmas gifts, thanksgiving gifts, birthday gifts. It seems we need to think about gift giving more often than we don’t! So this post is for all the mums, the dads, […]

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  • Get Measured - take accurate measurements

    Lets Get Measured: How to Measure Your Body

    When it comes to making fashion pieces for yourself, it is essential that you know how to measure your body accurately. The wrong measurements mean the start of an incorrect fit, and that is not what we’re about! By not measuring your body at the get-go, you’re setting yourself up for a few sessions of […]

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