• Fashion Design Skills - Create A Capsule Fashion Collection - The Creative Curator

    Fashion Design Skills

    I get this statement come through on emails from some of my subscribers; I want to be a fashion designer! And it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be rather awesome to run a fashion design skills course, as an online course, that people could take alongside me? As in, while I’m working on my new […]

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  • Fix Your Fit - A FREE five day challenge for those pattern fit issues - The Creative Curator

    Fix Your Fit: Free Fit Issues Challenge!

        The biggest request for help that I get is about fit. So, today I’m gonna tell you about a free challenge I have created for you – Fix Your Fit! Now, initially this was going to be part of the free Pattern Making Basics course, but it’s a hefty subject, and I was […]

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  • Pattern Testing Your Sewing Pattern - How to make a sewing pattern series - The Creative Curator

    Pattern Testing Your Sewing Pattern

    Pattern Testing Your Sewing Pattern (Part 4) You’ve done it. You started out wanting to know how to make your own sewing patterns, and now you’ve reached that final stage – pattern testing your sewing pattern! If you missed the first three parts in the series you can catch up here: Part 1: How To […]

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  • How To Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design - The Creative Curator

    Developing A Design: Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design

    Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Design (Part 3) Alright then.. We have covered Getting Started in this post, and the five techniques you can use to make a sewing pattern with in this post, but today we are going to focus on developing a sewing pattern design. This is my favourite thing. I often sit […]

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  • Learn Pattern Making Skills - Creative Cutting Class - The Creative Curator - Fashion Creation Skills

    Creative Cutting Class

    Last week, I launched a new area of The Creative Curator. It’s called Creative Cutting Class. So far, Creative Cutting Class is in ‘pre-launch mode. This means that although I am signing up new members each day, at special ‘founding member’ pricing – and these members had access from July 24th – the areas within […]

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  • Sewing Patterns For Clothes: Five Things to Know - The Creative Curator

    Sewing Patterns For Clothes: 5 Things You Need To Know

    Sewing Patterns for clothes Sewing patterns for clothes are EVERYWHERE. From the big four – Butterwick, Simplicity, Vogue and McCalls – who have frequent new sewing patterns released, to the gazillion sewing patterns for clothes available from independent (Indie) designers too. And these Indie sewing pattern designers are located all over the world! It can […]

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  • Want to earn money from your blog or website? Click to read my review of Blog To Biz Hive from Melyssa Griffin

    Blog To Biz Hive – Online Course From Melyssa Griffin

    I thought I’d take a moment to talk about an online course called *Blog to Biz Hive. I’ve been asked many times about how I got my shizzle together to create an online business, having had no CLEAR idea about how the online world worked. I mean, my sustainable fashion brand GWEN&SYD got minimal traffic […]

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  • Pattern Making Basics - A FREE Email Course teaching pattern making basics! - The Creative Curator

    Pattern Making Basics: An Epic Email Course!

    Pattern Making Basics Who here struggles with the pattern making basics? Hands up if you have read the books, followed YouTube videos, or even just tried figuring it out on your own? And it’s a struggle right? I get so many emails from my readers who say that they really want to be able to […]

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  • Why I teach fashion creation skills - learn sewing, pattern making and fashion design skills - The Creative Curator

    Why I Teach Fashion Creation Skills

    Fashion Creation Skills – Do They Matter? Life is scary. One day we can be going about out lives, business as usual, the next it’s completely different. It happens around us, every day, and around the world too. People have life changing accidents. Others are caught up in war. And some of us just get […]

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  • Sewing gifts for the sewing beginner - The Creative Curator

    Sewing Gifts For The Sewing Beginner

    Sewing gifts. We all need them – ideas for sewing gifts. Throughout the year there are quite a few moments when a gift is needed. Christmas gifts, thanksgiving gifts, birthday gifts. It seems we need to think about gift giving more often than we don’t! So this post is for all the mums, the dads, […]

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  • How to measure your body - sewing beginners - The Creative Curator

    Lets Get Measured: How to Measure Your Body

    When it comes to making fashion pieces for yourself, it is essential that you know how to measure your body accurately. The wrong measurements mean the start of an incorrect fit, and that is not what we’re about! By not measuring your body at the get-go, you’re setting yourself up for a few sessions of […]

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